Introducing the steem monster explorer

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SteemMonsters is the current hot thing at STEEM blockchain. It's a board game where every action is recorded on the blockchain - even though there are not many actions at the moment. But I can call it as a success since it's raised lots of attention and gamers. (and SBDs..)

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 8.29.02 PM.png

After @berniesanders' call I have started studying the game. Since there is not much info given yet, I had to investigate these custom JSON transactions and reverse-engineer the website to learn the structure.

With a little bit coding, I index all custom JSON operations of @steemmonsters account to my private MongoDB instance. I also store a card mapping between card universal unique identifiers and their details. (Backed by Redis.) After being capable of storing and syncing these data in a database, exposing it via a web interface was an easy task.

Steem Monster Explorer

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 8.29.55 PM.png

See at

It's not a complete web application yet, but you can:

  • view cards of accounts
  • view game activity of accounts ( generate_packs, generate_starter_pack, gifting, card combining, etc.)
  • view latest transactions signed by @steemmonsters

I have a couple of features in my mind for the next iterations. They're mostly about stats about the game. (Who spend the most, who has the full set, how many cards issued so far, etc.) If you plan to use the app, want to see a feature, shoot in the comments and I can see what can I do.



  • This site is not related to official @steemmonsters team. All the data is gathered from the blockchain.
  • @blervin developed a similar app. See here.

There was a lot easier way to do it.

You can also get the XP of each card and average XP of all cards distributed. The distribution api is new, that Matt was nice enough to make on request.

I know these endpoints and use some of them. But these are not guarenteed to be public always and don't cover the activity feed.

yah, the activity feed is a cool addition, might be able to get him to make one. @yabapmatt gave them to me and made the global stats on request, so I assume they are guaranteed to be public. The rest of them are private with tokens.

Good job!

Awesome work, thanks for the mention!

I've been working on pushing the custom_json operations to MySQL and will have that together shortly. Hit me up on or Discord (blervin#9759) if you wanna colloborate on anything.

It's looking great! Good job. One bug report though: it seems like the number of rare cards might actually be showing the number of epic cards instead.


As you can see, I have a lot more than 1 Rare, but I do only have 1 Epic.

Thanks for the report. It seems they have changed the rarity labels, I will also update today.

Nice! I like the fact that you can check your transaction history with this explorer.

The NERD in me is loving this!!!

hello there!!!
i love video games and i am excited about this game.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

This is amazing !

Thank you for the effort, i think the whole @steemmonsters community thanks you very much for this !

I think this is great! The next best thing is you gave a shout out to another poster, @blervin, who has developed a similar app. Beautiful!!!

Good job, excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Great job - looks solid!

Awesome! You can see some trading I was doing earlier :D

Very interesting what you created here @emre. But i have a question, don’t you think, the ‘knowledge’ that one can compile using this, will be to the advantage for people playing the game. And so they know, which monsters the opposite party has????? 👋

I have the same question. However, every action is already recorded on a public blockchain so people with some technical skills can already see the opponent's deck and try to metagame him.

We don't know how the game mechanichs will work. @aggroed and @yabapmatt may come up with a game design where knowing opponent's options may not be a thing, though. :)

Gifted card packs don't seem to be showing up in a user's history :/

Hi @emrebeyler, this seems to be a problem again. I think a recent change in Yaba's codebase may have knocked this feature out of whack in your site, but I'm not a programmer, so I'm not certain of where or what.

As an example, this transaction is not showing in my activity feed on your site.

I use your tool all the time, particularly as I can't really buy too many #SteemMonster packs myself, so I mostly rely on winning competitions to increase my collection, and it would be nice to see those transactions easily in your Steeminator site. Thanks.

Good job.

Hey @emrebeyler,

Amazing work on this app/website. I really like the information and the layout you created. Is it possible it's not "working" anymore? I can't seem to see any data related my SteemMonsters account after July 21st, 2018.

Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

If the site is no longer working and there are no plans to "fix it", that's ok, although, I for one will miss it 😭

Again - fantastic job!


Yay! Thanks, @emrebeyler, for fixing the website - it's such a great app! 😃

By chance, do you have the code available on github or elsewhere?


@emrebeyler just found this link on google search tried the link to the Explorer but not working? Down or exited project?