Steem Monsters Splinterlands Remaining Rewards Cards

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Pulled some rewards card data from the link. This excludes gold cards but it does take into account individual bcx and does not count upgraded cards as 1 card.

Chart wouldnt paste nicely into this, so I am attaching a screen shot. Hopefully it can be read.

To summarize, looks like Flame Imp, Mushroom Seer, and Hobgoblin are all over 65% drawn. Hopefully I didnt make any typos! Thank you, and let me know if you find errors!

Also, I'm not certain of monthly total draws for each of these, but looking at when they were released, I would guess the first ones won't hit the cap for 3 more months (rough estimate).



I love stats like this. Very helpful!!

I havent developed the skills to varify or critique your numbers...
But assuming you are within 3%, it helps me to see/understand the big picture a little better!!

Thank you!

I have zero skills! Wish i could pull the sql data but im just relying on that stats link the devs created.

Wait there are max caps for each cards ?

Are the max caps only for Rewards edition cards or for Alpha and Beta cards aswell ?

I would LOVE to see the Max Caps for the Alpha Cards

I think the caps are just for reward cards? But i could be wrong. I found the caps in an old steemit article by the devs.

That is really interesting.

Thank you for sharing this information with us :)

You can almost guess approximately how many betas and alphas there will be given the drop rates. This math could be off but with 4.5M possible betas prior to combining and burning, there could be roughly 123k of each common, 55k of each rare, 11.6k of each epic, and 2.4k of each legendary. This ignores golds and the drop % might be off.

ok, yeah this is really clever, and I think we could get the approximate amount like that for sure.

Awesome stats! Grinding is tough but worth it..

Something wrong with XP
Common 15 - yes
Rare 60
Epic 300
Legendary 1500

For rewards non gold? Do you know where this would be listed?

I think you're confusing DEC with XP. I double checked and I think the XP is correct. Also shown in peakmonsters.