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RE: $10,000 in Monsters in 9 days... Apparently you dig the game!

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Monsters? What about a WARG his bird is yet to be drawn but it's work is made by @drawingly! Could be apart of a booster park! Not sure exactly what you're after but I think it could work!
WARGSEYE chibi.png


@drawingly is one of many amazing illustrators on steemit. They do need to get paid though. I really hope some money can go towards that. Real money, not game money. At least steem.

Yeah we're (@IFC) is paying here Steem. Even though we can't afford much @apolymask is doing the best he can he's a generous guy. I'm trying to help out as much as I can too! Will hopefully try and figure something out for her!

Well @aggroed made a post about getting people to draw the game map which requires both illustrations and 3-D skills as well as understanding cartography and the winner gets booster packs instead of steam.

Also, do these cards each have a unique wallet address? Or do many people have the same cards?

Wish I could participate in that! But I dont know ANYTHING about 3d or cartography. So I'm out of that. u_u

hey im still waiting on my paid YETI drawing, can you finish it ?

Refunded. I did the drawing a while ago, but I couldn't do the major changes on the image. Sorry. image.png

it's Kona Red a WARG from Cryptopia. Also has a Bird that it (WARGS) through called RED!