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Your audio and video quality is AWESOME now!
And that kid halfway through. Bwhaahahahah! I feel like that happens in my head... SO OFTEN. 🤣 And OMG! What was happening?! That was SUPER INTENSE.
It may have something to do with your computer working so hard to record while playing. I mean, I can't get any more technical than that... but my computer fully freezes when it feels like I'm pushing it too hard. 😉

Anywho- I LOVE your video editing! For real. My fave.
Imma give you 100% again. Can't help it.

Thanks for sharing this with youtube!
😍 @carrieallen

Thanks a lot! I'm glad u like my editing, I have only recently started :) so it takes a long time to figure out how to do stuff! I come across a lot of issues which I need figure out how to fix! So far I have solved all of them :)

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