Are the Steem Monster potions working?

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Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue? I purchased two potions in the Steem Monsters shop, one that gives you a 25% chance of getting a legendary card and another of getting a 50% chance of getting a gold card.


After the purchase I was able to complete 2 daily quests but my potions only generated 1 legendary card. I think I made a bad decision in purchasing the Dark Energy Crystals. I should have just earn them by playing. After all I don't have all my summoners at a high enough level to compete with the field and complete quests on a daily basis.

Rant over, I need to generate more DEC for a couple a months and purchase potions that give me a higher chance of getting the cards that I want.


Yes, the potions are working @onthewayout BUT not the way you are thinking.

50% chance of getting legendary means 50% MORE chance to get a legendary.

I don't know if you get it, but for example the 100% legendary potion gives you a 1.3% chance of getting a legendary...

For more technical explanation ask in the Steem Monsters discord 😅

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I saw an explanation in discord, I get it now thanks.

Dear Friend, @onthegayout. What a pleasure to read you again! Hope you are well.

Pues si, aquí estoy. Un placer saludarte.

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