In the background - A Steem Monsters journey beginning from a Starter Pack - Act 9

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After a long break in posting, here's a status update.

  • Since the change to reward cards my progression has slowed, gone are the summoners from the Beta Boosters 😔. Its unfortunate there are no rare summoners among the released Reward cards, only Daria, which is Epic.

  • I've not sold any of my rewards cards duplicates, but may do in the future to do some upgrade. I've included screenshots below showing what I've received so far.

  • I'm looking forward to automated tournaments. I have yet join one since they haven't aligned at a time that suits. I might host my own when there is less work in doing so 👍.

  • Not much else to say. I'm hovering around Silver I, so I might make my next update when I buy new cards or reach Gold league.

Daily Quests

From the daily quest since the new rewards cards have come out I've received the following:

I haven't max combined the cards as I've still only got LVL 2 summoners. Hopefully some Daria Dragonscales will come in future rewards :) That or another summoner in the yet to be released reward cards - 14 more to go over the next 14 days.

Giveaway 🎁

5 Rusty Androids to one random winner. No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow is required to enter, just include the following in a comment below: Daily Quest. Winner will be chosen after post payout.

Thanks to those who are following along with my progress 👍

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Others currently using the tag:
@kgroup (has moved on from the challenge, but is still posting updates on their progress)
@darhainer - Intro Post
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It's Fun to start from the bottom and work your way up. You too can go from Apprentice to Master!

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For more about me and about #fromstartertochampion, check out my introduction post.

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Daily Quest

Daily Quest

Congrats @doctorcrypto

Rusty Androids sent:

Daily Quest

Daily Quest.

Which is your favorite deck? (Splinter)

Daily Quest

Great to see another report from you. I need to do one as well. I'm still playing just about every day. I have an account with mainly Alpha cards, one with only Beta cards, and I was doing the #fromstartertochampion challenge with @kstarter but haven't written about it and haven't played that account lately. I barely have time to earn the dailys in 2 accounts. :)

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nice post

Thanks for having a look. Are you playing Steem Monsters yourself?