Progressive growth - A Steem Monsters journey beginning from a Starter Pack - Act 4

A few busy days without an update, so here's my progress report :)


In between studying for my exams, which thankfully are now finished, I completed a few different quests.

Rising Dead

I'm still of the opinion the Death splinter ques the the easiest. I short session of play this day, and good nice reward. This gold haunted spider will be joining my death teams ranks soon!

rising dead.PNG

Defend The Borders

Defending the borders wasn't too bad. There were a few too many fire and dark critters fighting against me for comfort, but we survived. The rewards were given in kind to our efforts against these less friendly splinters - an EPIC Raging Impaler with a Gold Crustacean King alongside.

defend the borders.PNG

Stir The Volcano

Average difficulty with average rewards - adding another Enchanted Pixie to the ranks.

stir the volcano.PNG

Lyanna's Call

The battles were a little slower fighting for the Life splinter, but we repelled the enemy forces, with our ranks once again strengthened.

lyannas call.PNG


I've decided that now I'm starting to get two or three of some cards that it is time to level them and buy some more summoners for EXP. To fund this I have decided to list my Gold Mischievous Mermaid for sale. I shared before I was planning to hold for the future, but with the end of the season coming up soon, it would be nice to push for the Silver III league.

We'll see if anyone is interested in buying it for $23, the new market low :)

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You got some nice cards in your Booster Packs! I don't think the word has gotten out enough yet about how profitable this game can be. It's Fun and challenging, as a game must be to attract players, but the chance to make a profit is some sweet icing on the cake! Hopefully people will notice our blogs and join us in our journey #fromstartertochampion and from poorer to richer Steem Holders! :)

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