Quest 2 and Striking Gold - A Steem Monsters journey beginning from a Starter Pack - Act 2

Hello Steemians and Steem Monster players.

Quest 2 update for @sm-starter-beta, and introduction of another participant in #fromstartertochampion.

For those who are new to SteemMonsters it is a fully decentralized, digital collectible trading card game built on the Steem blockchain. Drafting cards from your collection you can compete for the top positions in the fortnightly season's rank (with rewards), practicing for the upcoming tournaments.

In the meantime once you've bought your starter pack of 30 cards you can begin earning daily quest rewards, winning 10 battles as a predetermined splinter (card fraction). You could be lucky and open rare card! To sign up visit SteemMonsters.

I've decided to document my progress on this account to see how far I can progress beginning only with the Beta Starter pack from SteemMonsters, and how long it might take to reach each league milestone using the daily quest rewards. I've asked a friend to take a similar challenge, and encourage others to share their progress as well on their journey #fromstartertochampion.

Today @kgroup accepeted the challenge here. Already, beginning only with the starter pack, they are in Bronze III league, and have unpacked 2 legendaries from daily quests.

The current conflict now has players competing with a 16 mana cap, with Legendaries unable to be used. This has proven to be useful, as I've found the lower cap seems to reduce some of the barrier between decks.

And as such I have now reached Bronze III 🏅. 1 booster for season rewards.

Bronze League.PNG

After completing my Pirate Attack quest today I opened by booster pack to a surprise - 2 rares and a gold epic! Over $30 at today's prices. I've decided to keep the GF for now instead over flipping it on the market to improve my lower cards. It might come useful in my next Pirate Attack. What would you do @kgroup?

quest reward.PNG


Card Value Tracking:

:stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: sm-starter-beta :stars:
Number of cards: 39 - Alpha: 0 - Beta: 39 - Promo: 0
Common: 21, Rare: 17, Epic: 1, Legendary: 0
##Gold cards: 1 ## BCX: 41 ## Value: $ 30.14 ##

Thanks to those who have a look :)


Very nice catch!

Yep :) Thanks for having a read.

A Rare and a gold Epic, well that's pretty epic! Nice work. See my reply on @kgroup about what to do with our best cards.

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Thanks for your thoughts :) I'll keep holding this gold at least for a few days, see what the next challenges bring us 👍

I started playing yesterday I bought the pack some time ago after a video of @exyle i finally got it how to play I missed a few buttons on my mobile phone so I opened it on my tablet and I couldn't stop playing haha for now I lose all the time but I wait with playing until I can do the quest again.

Good to hear your having fun as well 👍

Maybe we'll battle it out in a future fight for our quests :)

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