Welcomed Changes & Giveaway - A Steem Monsters journey beginning from a Starter Pack - Act 7

I enjoyed the new game play changes immediately after my first chance to check them out. As in the announcement I've attached below, all players have started on a clean slate, and are now required to pick their team (with a time limit) AFTER being matched with their opponent. This along the cycling rules and mana cap kept me on my toes. I almost timed out on one of my matches.


Layout tinkering

There are other changes that I appreciate just as much, even if they aren't as significant. The first of which I noticed being the new color scheme and layout of the Battle page:

Rising Dead - NEW.PNG

The page just seems to feel welcoming. I actually had to look for the new location of the leader board, though I was pleased when I found it. Being able to change between it and the other options without the page reloading is a nice little improvement.

The change I most enjoy, however, I believe others will enjoy when they next go to combine cards:

Screenshot 2018-11-27 19.20.13.png

Combining is now much less confusing! Instead of showing the XP required it now displays the number of cards. Thankyou @yabapmatt (or whoever may have suggested this). Previously I found the process confusing, but this goes a long way to making the process beginner friendly.

Daily Quests

I'm happy to see the new daily quest requirement of winning 5 battle, down from the original 10. I think this a balanced change considering the new cycling rule set and time limit on choosing your team. I expect these will make the challenge more time consuming, especially as my rank goes up.

My rewards for fighting the Rssing Dead today were decent. I received two Tank Healers, along with a Pit Ogre. Of note - earlier in the week, when I was completing a Pirate Attack quest, I was pleased to find an Epic Fire Demon in the pack. There wasn't much to note in the other days though.

epic fire demon Pirate Attack.PNG

Giveaway 🎁

For the first 5 people who share their opinion on the changes - each will receive a Peaceful Giant. You must reply before this post reaches payout.

Thanks to those who are following along with my progress 👍

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I love the changes, now it's more fun and I think it will be easier to go up in the ranking.

I also like the detail that shows you how many cards are missing to raise the level of the monsters.


I hope your new Peaceful Giant serves you well.

The changes are great, I think that it provide much more interactivity with the users as well as less chance of spamming one deck. This allows you to really try and find new decks to win, which greatly adds to the experience gained in terms of knowing what cards to play for which splinter and at what mana. It also allows everyone to showcase their skills at some levels, because without knowledge of what cards to play, you won't get too far...

As you explained as well, showing how many cards are needed to lvl up was a great move by the SM team...

😃 Thanks for leaving your thoughts. I'm looking forward to future surprises which increase engagement from @SteemMonsters.

A Peaceful Giant is on its way.

I think everyone is waiting in anticipation for all the things to come from the SM team :D
Thank you for the card, I really appreciate it :)

I think the new changes are pretty nice, even tough they prevent me from grinding matches while doing other stuff on another monitor :P But it's fun to play the game like this.

I'll miss grinding as well, but the extra challenge is good 👍

I hope you find a role for the Peaceful Giant :)

Thanks :)

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