Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 50 // 15 Booster Pack Prize!

Splinterlands Art Contest!

This is an open-ended Art contest for Splinterlands inspired creations.
You can create art based on the cards or you can create something entirely new!

Creations which may include, but aren't limited to:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Digital Art
  • Logos
  • Blog Dividers
  • Blog Footers
  • New Card Ideas
  • Mixed Media Art
  • Dolls
  • Computer Generated Art

The Prize!

15 Booster Packs will be split between the winners!!!

Rules for Submission

  • Post your creation on your own Steem account
  • Please describe and show some steps of your process
  • Link your post in the comments of this submission post
  • Upvote/resteem this post
  • The Deadline for submissions is Sunday, August 25th at 10:00 AM CST

👉 Please note: We will be holding another contest this week for music, so this contest is only for artwork...thanks! 👈

Thank you for your continued support!

Splinterlands Contact Info:

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Blog

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Website

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Discord

Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Telegram


Nice game, How do I play it?

Hey there @grexx

Just sign up using your steem-account at https://www.splinterlands.io
You could also use a referral link for signup https://steemmonsters.com?ref=criticalthinkin

Afterwards, you will receive a free starter set of cards (note: they won't be tradeable)
and can simply start playing. But watch out, it is quite addictive xD

If you need any further help with the signup or want some beginner tips, hit me up on discord:

My submission, hope I am not too late.
I created a new card - The Stinger:


Full post

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Deadline was 4 days ago and still no winners announcement?