Black Dragon is the Earthquake monster

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Today I want to tell you about my investigation of the Earthquake Rule Battles.
Yes, I found that the black dragon is the monster who is staying alive at the end of such battles.
Because it is flying monsters that does not takes Earthquake melee damages and have a Leech Ability to earn some more HP.

Also interesting, how much the Lifes you may gain by Black Dragon - because my was this:
Steem Monsters record of my own: Black Dragon grown up to the 14 HP !!!

So, a couple of battles to show how the Black Dragon rules the game to vin!

  • The one, where I defeated:

to see this battle

to see this battle

As you can see - the only one dragon will stay alive)

In different others Battles (rules) the Black Dragon is enough clumsy. May we call this card - as for specific events?

Wish you success in game with new knowledge!

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Cool work you have here.


What do you mean?)