❗️❗️❗️ Hurray, I set a new record and got to the Golden League II 🤗

in #steemmonsters5 years ago


If you do not play Steem Monsters then you do not understand this joy!


It was the battle vs itsjustme (funny nick, 'cos it's not me))


here is the battle (and it was tough enough, look)

So now I have my highest rating 2 200 🤗🏵
Now I have on my board pop-up window this round number!


Also it was enough huge amount of DEC for this battle:

Because I have won 8 battles in a row:
it is the +5% from the second battle counting
5% x7 = 35%


But ... then I had to finish the daily quest ... And I started to lose and finished it at lower - in Gold League III
So I got only 6 cards. ...And yegh, they are all Commons ☹️


Only the amount of DEC some kind is good to me, then the Daily Quest reward drops.

I wish you luck - so wish me too!

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!


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