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I found today interesting meme contest
by @markymark

Wow! I thought. And decided that I would take part! ... But when I opened the comments - oh my gosh! 😅 - There are hundreds and hundreds of code comments from theone account @animalcontrol.
And if I leave a comment there - it will simply lost there!

(UPDATE - if you use the than you can see all of @animalcontrol comments; but they are not seen at the steemit)

😅 But I took it as a good meme idea!

So lets see it!


I believe he fits the rules

  • original
  • about a specific Steemian by name
  • meme per person
  • meme should be funny

@themarkymark I think it is funny situation - if you think differently - then see the commentary for my this post - with enough famous song about it)

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!

Also - for all newbies the info to know! - Steem Monsters may upvote you! Only find the 0.001 Steem to register in discord! I may giveaway anybody, who needs it!


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