The first time participated in the tournament and have lost!)

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Two days ago I was participated in the (Everyone Wins DEC) tournament
and lost!)

I reached the 154th place out of 205 joined.
This place is among 62 losers, who did not get any prizes.

First of all, I was advised of this tournament, since it has a lot of prizes - see for yourself:
right up to 128!
Also the note in the description says:

I was entered as 120 to play in the day before.

Tip: you must go to the Tournaments section; then click on the tournament you want and push there "ENTER" like this:


But at the Tournament time to Check-in (15 before it starts) - OMG, 299 participated for it!

Then only 206 checked in ... but it did not help me))
The Silver League rules and more tough gamers made me loose it)

But it was interesting to join and to know it!)

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!

Also - for all newbies the info to know! - Steem Monsters may upvote you! Only find the 0.001 Steem to register in discord! I may giveaway anybody, who needs it!


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