Who was ready for these Steem Monsters features?

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Today the Steem Monsters met me with the unexpected innovations!
Soo many info! So many alterations!

This Dark Energy Crystals:

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are the most valued resource in the Splinterlands. They can be obtained by draining the dark energy from cards or from your opponents by achieving victory on the battlefield. Once obtained, they can be traded for powerful items and magical potions in the shop!

And ... the ENERGY CAPTURE RATE which limits these DEC from each battle...

And Portions, ORBS with new cards...

Wind Of Changes Series Promo Cards

How many abilities... How many cards...
It needs new plans and strategy for fighting against them (or with them). I'm stunned by all of this.

I found that announce was yesterday:
The Forces of Dark Energy are about to be Unleashed! — Steemit

Аnd it's huge at once with so many info...
Why not to give the announces about all of that by portionsd, the series of posts, hmm?

So? I hope to deal with all this on the sly. Do you?

P.S. I hope to see some comments to my posts, because strange thing I was muted from minnowsupport upvote. My articles were looked by some curators, but not to write to me in the comments - they did a strange thing out of a blue.

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!

Also - for all newbies the info to know! - Steem Monsters may upvote you! Only find the 0.001 Steem to register in discord! I may giveaway anybody, who needs it!


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