SteemNova - 2020-11-17 Daily alliance shares and player rewards

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Last Day: Latest news, politics, epic battles and intergalactic Steem participation in the SteemNova world.

Latest epic battles

Hall of Fame
1. @Artemis VS @rip - 92662kreport
2. @HovoH VS @agcrypt - 15300kreport
3. @HovoH VS @Erecose - 13662k + MOONreport
4. @HovoH VS @Blockschrott - 5504kreport
5. @HovoH VS @a-dalora - 2238kreport

1 moons were created. Gratz to @Erecose!

Daily shares and rewards

Formula goes as follows:
Reward = Player Points / Alliance Points * Alliance Shares Percentage

Reward rounded up to a minimum of 0.001 SBD payout

Summary for current standings 2020-11-17 00:00 CET:

@to chuj16638661.71%*
@Najleprzy gracz mirkogame2194840.22%*

Logic ForcePointsShares


The OnePointsShares

Steem PowerPointsShares

Axis CultPointsShares
@me and the bois4526802.84%*



Total rewarded 27 players out of 156
*percentage share of total SBD this post payout


People registered names in game should be equal to Steem account name. @steemnova account will reward players from this post SBD earnings in single transactions after 7-14 days post living.

Starting from 1 April 2018, "Weekly Alliance shares and player rewards" will transition into Daily ones. Payouts will occur once a week, being a sum of 7 preceeded daily posts.

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