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RE: SteemPeak - Update v2.0 - Guest 'Social' Logins and New Burn Promotion System

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Question: Noticed tonight some posts have an orange outline. Why are these posts appearing in my feeds? They are unrelated, and not even tagging the tags I am exploring in my feed search.

Are these posts paying promotions to appear in between my search results? Does not seem like a feature users asked for. Is this the way the blockchain or steampeak operates now?

This post appeared in #gardening. Why?


This is the result of the new promotion system. More details in this post, check the second paragraph above.

Short recap: people can now burn STEEM and pay a small fee to steempeak to have their posts promoted on the feeds. It's something we are still tuning but the main point is that people are burning STEEM, so this will hopefully benefit the whole ecosystem. To promote a post the total amount of circulating Steem is reduced and this should lead to a price increase in the long term.

Thank you for clarifying that.

Let me know if you come up for a way to restore our feeds to be free of these promoted posts.

Right now, this new feature is going to be a constant irritant, and runs contrary to my curation goals. I, and others, might even be willing to offer delegation or a subscription fee for an improved user experience.

We are looking for ways to make the promoted posts more related to the topic an user is currently viewing. It will be less problematic for you if the content is relevant to the topic?

Also feel free to join our discord to discuss this with us and other community members ;)

Yes. Thanks for the understanding.

I use "created" filters daily to search for under-valued content in specific categories, so anytime I am forced to review older content that is promoted or unrelated it is dysfunctional to the chosen filter.

Keep up the good work.