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RE: SteemPeak - Update v2.0 - Guest 'Social' Logins and New Burn Promotion System

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I dont think people are aware of how essential Guest accounts are.

It is the only thing, alongside price increase, that will lead to mass adoption. SMTs are being promoted as something that will be a great mover, and in terms of price it might be, but we need to realize that when it comes to tokenizing the internet all these SMTs that will be built will first need to create a value proposition.
As we have seen with Steem-engine that is incredibly difficult.

But what has already developed that value proposition?

STEEM, ofc.

For every website that might be interested in creating their own token they need to pass through a number of phases to develop value and adopt something that might or might not benefit them. While you and i understand what an SMT is and what crypto is, the mainstream user of the SMT creation tool will know neither.
First they will need to learn what crypto is and how this could benefit them, then they need to understand the basics of STEEM and then they need to develop a plan for their token.
Thats a lot of work that most will not be willing to do.

These guest accounts and their potential utilization can be seamless.

  1. They require little knowledge
  2. They use the same login and account creation methods like millions of other websites
  3. Theyre easily explainable.

User experience is something very few people on steem have bothered with during these last few years.
Ive mentioned website Steem comment section integration in your discord channel today and i really think that is where you guys should gravitate towards with these guests accounts. Peaking (no pun intended) interest via partnerships that require 0 work from the site owners, first with crypto publishing websites and then further, while rewarding or creating the potential to reward engagement on their sites.

Anyways... I went too long with this. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for all the ideas you shared. I totally agree that guest accounts can be a big deal and it's the big building block for our onboarding platform. Also because we plan to make it easy (and hopefully funny) for those accounts to earn a full Steem account.