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I have been using Steempeak for the past month or so and I love it! I really see no need to ever go to anymore. Maybe I am wrong, but wow this is a slick social media site! When I am on my desktop PC I see no better option for scanning the blockchain for new content. With the HF21 coming it will be more important than ever to find new content. Also the ease of use here on is unparalleled. I used to use, however now, this is my go to landing page.

New Dtube

Another thing I really wanted to point out was my new video on the NEW! Have you logged into the new dtube yet? Earn double rewards for posting video content. The videos run smoother than ever before, instant rewards, lifetime monetization & so much more. They are doing some great stuff over at @dtube. Please go check out my latest video to find out what I have been up to for the past 2 months. I would also greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel there, upvote my recent post and vote for me for a Dtube Leader position.

Video link:


Last but not least, PALnet! I have been a member on the Peace, Abundance & Liberty Discord channel since I joined the Steem a little over a year ago, and I am a huge fan of the talk shows. I'm just now beginning to get my feet wet with using a palnet hashtag on my content, not quite sure I understand it all yet. Much research to do about all the new happenings on Steem.

Perhaps I should start creating more short blogs like this, what do you think?


Lately we have so much stuff happening that is almost impossible to keep up lol

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No kidding! @jongolson talks about it in his recent podcast, it was a good show. Devs need to chill out for a second lol

I haven't checked out steempeak yet. I'll head over there. I'm not sold on Dtube changes yet. So far I'm having some issues with my uploads. I'm sure it will work itself out though. I'm just trying to focus on steem while this btc rocket is going off lol. I got caught with my pants down and I'm on the sidelines.

Upload the video to another platform then post the link on dtube.

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I don't think I want to do that at this point because I like putting original content on @dtube and not funneling content onto the platform. My mind may change about that but right now that's what I feel is better.

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