SteemPH Davao Daily Featured Post June 21

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Madayaw Davao!

As part of your @steemph family's effort to reward awesome content creators, @steemph.trail has been launched. In line with this, @steemph.davao will now have a daily post featuring contents from the Davao Region.


The Criteria:

  • Author is from the Davao Region (and neighboring provinces that are not yet under any other SteemPH regional arm)
  • Over 300 Words
  • Use of Basic Formatting
  • At Least 3 Photos Used to Complement the Text
  • Clarity (thought organization and overall presentation)
  • steemph must be used as one of the tags

Featured Posts for June 21

Featured Post # 1

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I got here together with my siblings and with our children. They are one of the reason why we always want to go this resort because we want them to enjoy, to have fun.. Kids does really love water, who wouldn't right? I think most of the kids loves to play in the water...

Time spent with family is always time well spent. It looks like you had a grand time at the resort, @daisyt23! Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

Featured Post #2

"Tell Me You're Seeing This Too?" A review and fan art for Mr. Robot
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*All I can say is that I can't wait for the season 4 to come out. This tv show always gives me a headache. Mind boggling in a good way. That's why I decided to make a fan art, a sign of dedication for series and also the craft of the whole crew. *

Incredible art work, @qyugmo! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this tv show!

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Thanks steemph for the feature! More power to all Davawenyos! :)