SteemPH Davao Daily Featured Post May 23

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Madayaw Davao!

As part of your @steemph family's effort to reward awesome content creators, @steemph.trail has been launched. In line with this, @steemph.davao will now have a daily post featuring contents from the Davao Region.


The Criteria:

Since it's a Wednesday, we'll be featuring content under the niche Photography.

  • Author is from the Davao Region (and neighboring provinces that are not yet under any other SteemPH regional arm)
  • Text may be brief as long as it still provides clear information about the photo
  • SteemPH tag was used

Featured PHOTOGRAPHY Posts for May 23

Featured Post # 1

URBAN LIFE: Living in a concrete Jungle

photo sourced from the post

This fast paced world of high technology often reminds us that change is constant. But do not despair, there are still beauty if you just learn to see things in a more objective and subjective way.

Featured Post #2

A Paradise On Earth
photo sourced from the post

I love the beach and the blue crystal waters that accompanied a very therapeutic view. This is one of my favorite view while having a week stint in Batangas with friends.

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