SteemPhilly / Splinterlands Meetup - Dec. 4th

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I'm super excited to announce the second ever official #SteemPhilly meetup event coming up in a few weeks! The event is sponsored by Splinterlands, as you might expect, and it will be awesome.

In addition to myself and @aggroed, we will be graced by the presence of the one and only Andrew Levine (@andrarchy), Director of Content at Steemit, Inc.!

There will be free food and soft drinks, plus some cool Splinterlands and SteemPhilly swag like T-Shirts, Promo Cards, and whatnot. We may even do some Beta Pack / Gold Foil card giveaways.

If you're anywhere near Philadelphia, you should be there!


Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: Irish Pub / 2007 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA
Meetup Link:

Special thanks to @hypnopreneur for organizing the event!


Will be there

Have fun!

Awwww, I'm disappointed this was arranged on such short notice (just 3 weeks away). That might be fine for locals, but it's very inconvenient for those outside the immediate area. Similarly, having the event randomly in the middle of the week (Wednesday evening) might be convenient for locals but it becomes far less accessible for out-of-towners.

I happen to be visiting Philadelphia but from December 5th-8th and I booked my flight months ago. So unfortunately it looks like I will just miss this event. Oh well. Hope you all have a good time!

Hey my friend, I'm very sorry things worked out this way. Admittedly it's short notice, however next year we plan to make #SteemPhilly events a quarterly event, so you will have an opportunity to join us in the near future and will be give greater notice to ensure the likely hood you can make it!

Nice! I will try to attend as I live not too far away. I know exactly where that Pub is located. It is only a one mile walk from 30th Street Station over near Rittenhouse Square.

We will have to see what the weather brings.

The Amtrak will be my mode of transportation. Last year I was going to attend a meetup in Boston and the trains got stopped because of snow!

Thank you @hypnopreneur for organizing this event, and thank you @aggroed & @yabapmatt for #splinterlands!

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The meetup location is less than 10 mins by car or lyft from 30th St. Station. We'd love to see you there, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Making arrangements now.

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I am going to try to come up from DC for this as long as amtrak cooperates.

DC represent! We'd love to have you join us. The meetup location is very close to the train station, if you can swing it, that would be awesome!

Bought my inbound ticket! Think this will go right to 10? Debating return time. Thanks!

Wish I could be there. Splinterlands and Cheesesteak 🎉

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Adding it to the calendar, but it might be tough on a weekday... but I would love to go if I can. Steemit plus Splinterlands, win win! :)

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That’s so cool, have fun~!

What a great idea we should have more Splinterlands meetups eventually with their own private live Tournament going on.

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Have a great time, meet ups are great to connect with other steem players.

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Have fun guys!

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I got a few friends there but they are not crypto peeps but I’ll let them know for sure 😎

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@sgt-dan shared this on PYPT and I am glad he did. Meet ups so so good for the Steem community.

@yabapmatt, This sounds awesome and definitely an great time for all those whoever is attending this Meetup and i am sure that through this Meetup, Splinterlands will going to attract so many new Eyeballs and will onboard new Steemians to explore this exciting Ecosystem.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Really nice post in all steemit platform

Dang, this would be totally awesome. If it were in Pittsburgh I might actually have a chance of going. That would be a six hour drive or so from where I live. Philly is a bit farther. If this is something you are going to keep doing annually for the foreseeable future, I will totally try to plan for it if that is the case. Might take a couple years for me to get the funds though :)

It sounds like one hell of an event, but unfortunately i wint be able to make it. I hope it goes well, and you all have an awesome time!

While I don’t play, I am going to try like hell to make it just to hang with you all. @bryan-imhoff interested?!?

That would be awesome if you can make it!

Thanks to everyone who helped set this up! Enjoyed meeting those from the splinterlands and steem communities!