Electroneum's Freelance Site Is Open For Public Testing

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Anytask.com is a freelance site powered by Electroneum, if you follow Electroneum you should know that the have talked about creating a freelance site first it was called GigGuru and then GigFair, finally the arrived at Anytask.


We can put a pin on all the properties of anytask yet because it is still in its beta phase, some features are liable to change.

Zero Sellers Fees: This means that the seller is in complete control of his earnings. This feature makes Anytask standout when compared to other freelance sites, buyers, on the other hand, will be sacked with a 5% fee on all purchases to help cover Stripe based payment processing.

Blockchain-based Payments: Sellers will be paid in ETN while buyers will pay with fiat from debit or credit cards, thereby promoting mass adoption of ETN, this also means faster payments when compared to your local bank to prevent denial of service.

Blockchain Security: Anytask is built off the Electroneum blockchain, this means that all transactions executed on Anytask are secured by the blockchain, not only is it impossible to hack and steal funds but it is also immune to double-spending.

Banking the Unbanked: An excess of $200 Billion is spent each year within the freelance economy, providing many with the ability to earn their own living. But without access to a bank account, this remains an impossible task for millions of people around the world, Any task is here to fill in the gap by giving people a digital platform to sell their skill and get paid.

Simple UI: Anytask has a more simple and user-friendly UI when compared to other freelance sites.

Skills Bought and Sold on Anytask

• Designers

• Marketeers

• Writers & Translators

• Videographers & Animators

• Techies

• Lifestylers

• Crafters

Let's take a look at the question of what to do with ETN:

ETN is being used for mobile top-ups in countries like Nigeria, Brazil, Cambodia, Turkey, and South Africa, etc. Most shops also accept payment in ETN. One can hodl ETN and sell once the price goes up.

Electroneum also has plans of launching TaskSchool in Q1 of 2020 to enable users to learn simple skills they can sell via their smartphone.

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