Rheumatoid Arthritis and Morton’s Neuromas – Self-Healing Case Study

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I started working with a woman in her early 60’s who had been struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis for around 10 years. She was also experiencing a condition called Morton’s neuromas in both of her feet, which had been going on for the same time period.

Morton’s neuromas are a thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves leading to your toes. This can cause a sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot. Your toes also may sting, burn or feel numb. It feels like standing on a pebble.

In our first session, we focused on the neuromas, as she was due to have a surgical procedure the next week to have steroid injections into both neuromas.

Using META-Conscious questions, we explored the theme of feeling hurt, powerless and trapped, especially relating to what her feet meant to her. We found a specific memory of a time where she had felt powerless to travel to help another family member that had had a serious accident abroad. As well as the pain this caused her emotionally, she hadn’t been able to “get on her feet” to do something about it.

During the session, using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, she was able to get her pain level down from 9/10 to 1/10 and she said that she couldn’t feel the lumps any more. She also felt emotionally relieved about not having been able to protect the family member.

A few days later, she sent me an email saying that she had been to her appointment for the steroid injections and had a scan beforehand. The doctor then told her that she didn’t have any neuromas and “…must never have had them in the first place.”

This is something that I’ve heard from quite a few clients now, as allopathic medicine doesn’t take spontaneous healing into account. From a META-Consciousness perspective, it can happen upon the completion of a healing process.

This was a great outcome and there were more to follow.

Over the course of 5 more sessions, we addressed the Rheumatoid Arthritis. Like many medical diagnosis, in META, we then break it down into each individual symptom to find specific root causes of each symptom.

In this case, the main theme was around the client’s self-devaluation, feeling powerless to change many aspects of her life, including relationships, being bullied at work and a resigned acceptance of “not being able to do anything about it”.

Most issues to do with pain (largely in the muscular skeletal system) relate to self-devaluation conflicts. The function of these parts of the body is to take action in the world. It represents our strength and ability to cope.

Therefore, themes such as “not good enough”, “I’m too weak”, “this is too much for me” often impact on the muscular skeletal system.

In the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the main tissue affected is connective tissue between joints. The main themes are around being weak, being powerless, not being able to cope with a situation.

Then, different areas of the body have different meanings. For example, the hands (which were a major issue for her) often relate to an inability to hold onto or grab something in life – either literally or metaphorically.

Again, using Matrix Reimprinting and EFT, we explored many events from her past relationships, both romantic and with family, as well as her work situation and being bullied. Using a technique called Chasing The Energy from Matrix Reimprinting, we were able to trace the root cause of her pattern of feeling powerless back to an event that happened while she was in the womb and release that energetically, emotionally and psychologically.

The physical results were great. Her fingers straightened out and her pain reduced dramatically. She was also able to do things like open jam jars, which she hadn’t been able to do for 10 years. So, her quality of life improved considerably.

However, it wasn’t just the physical healing. A key part of self-healing with META-Consciousness is that you learn what your body is trying to tell you and become able to change other aspects of your life.

She was able to change the dynamic of a family relationship where she had felt dominated in the past. This opened up a lot of forgiveness of herself and the other, which led to a more loving relationship between them.

At work, she was able to stand up for herself and was empowered to make a claim against her employer, which led to her receiving enough money to live and enjoy life until her retirement pension became available to her. So, she was free from the job where she had felt trapped. I coached her through her fears and doubts during this process and the outcome was great.

And, when I spoke to her about 18 months later, she was in a relationship for the first time in many years, as well as remaining largely pain free and able to enjoy life to the full.

It was wonderful to be able to guide her in this way to heal her physical symptoms and create a life more in line with who she truly is.

Yesterday, I contacted the client to confirm that she was happy for me to share this case study. She gave me some very interesting information that I thought would also be good to share here. It relates to the impact that the lockdown put in place by the UK and other governments has had on her, including causing some of her symptoms to reappear.

Strangely I am feeling trapped again with COVID Lockdown on travelling etc I’m unable to visit …………. in …...  ... and guess what, feet are hurting again!

... what I had experienced and what endures is the improvement in my emotional persona.  I can talk about my childhood and my past without pain... ‘That’ has been amazing!

This shows just how damaging these measures have been in terms of the real world and bio-psychological effect on people. Also, how they can really bring our deepest wounds to the surface, which makes this an amazing time to heal yourself at a very deep level and transform your life.

If you have found this interesting and are curious about how META-Analysis and Self-Healing Guidance could support you, I’d love to speak with you.

You can book a free 20-30 minute Conscious Discovery Call with me where I will give you some insights into your symptoms and how you can heal and transform your life by clicking this button:

Please note that I am not responsible for any healing that this client experienced. All healing is self-healing. My role is to act as a guide for people to understand and activate their own self-healing potential.

META-Consciousness is an integrated health philosophy. It is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. Always consult your health care professional and It is important that you get a medical diagnosis.

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I just sent you a request. Let me know if you are interested in a consultation. My time zone is Pacific Standard Time, so we would have to meet as your latest available time.

Really enjoyed reading this story about your successful work with a healing technique I have never heard of before.

I've had fantastic, long-lasting results in the past from guided meditation/hypnosis tapes in the past to overcome depression/anxiety. It focused mostly on techniques such as breathing, relaxation, guided imagery, memory healing, and genuine empowered encouragement statements. I would love to learn about anything similar to this to help heal the body from physical ailments.

I received your message thanks. Looking forward to speaking :D

Wow - what an amazing story!!!! You must really love your job and how wonderful you had such success with this woman.

COVID certainly brought up a lot of bad pain around entrapment for me - it really came rushing in very loud and fast, and I was forced to pay attention to it. Luckily I could work through it - but if I'm ever trapped in a hotel room for two weeks again, I know who to call!

Thank you very much. Yes, I love this work and seeing how people's live transform. The government responses to cerveza bug are causing a lot of harm to so many people!