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RE: SteemPress vision, 2018 roadmap, going full-time and launching witness @steempress

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Good to see this guys, especially on the external marketing front which many projects on the platform seem to be lacking. Will get my witness vote up later if I haven’t done it already.

Btw, are other integrations in line? One I have in mind is for the likes of Squarespace blogs which many youtubers are promoting, and it’s one I like to use as well instead of WP. All the best!


Thank you! Your support really means a lot. I hope that by complementing existing sites rather than claiming to be "the next X, Y, Z", we can indeed reach a lot of users out there. It is something that I look forward to.

There is no reason why we can't expand into other websites once the main product for WordPress is finished. However, from a StartUp's perspective it is always dangerous to try too many things too early, so I don't expect us to widen our focus beyond WordPress this year. But it is certainly in our minds long term.

Again thank you for wanting to vote for our witness! And I look forward to engaging more with you on how we can add value to STEEM.

@fredrikaa I like your approach and as someone who spent several years on WP blogs I think you guys have a solid product in the making. You get my witness vote! Keep up the good work!

Hey Fredrikaa!

Thank for sharing with us this amazing vision & mission that you have. It really makes us feel like we are part of this adventure!

Just want to share with you something that really benefited me and maybe might help many others as well!

Personally, i do not have a paid wordpress account. I assumed that I wouldn't be able to use Steempress. However , I chanced upon this hosting service called Vornix.

It allowed me to have a fully featured wordpress account that can sync with Steempress plug-in.
Maybe you can share this service so that more people can gain value from it!

Cheers Buddy!

Appreciate it.

Heya! Thanks for the positive words. I am very happy to see all of the complementing projects being build, including @vornix, that are benefiting our users.

Happy to have heard your story too!

Appreciate your mention very much!

You have my witness upvote, of course.

I am fortunate enough to talk with you from time to time on discord. You have all my respect and admiration.

I am very proud of the job you are doing, one of the finest and most interesting projects in Steem right now.

All the best!