5G Protest Day

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5G Protest Day

Please send this information about the 5G Protest Day far and wide worldwide.

I'm sorry I never sent it sooner, I only found out about it now.

We MUST stop 5G!!!

5G is a weapon created to make everyone very sick or kill off most of humanity. It also kills and harms all living creatures.

It's also meant to put thoughts in and control your mind, stop you with its heat like fire, and who knows what else it can do besides control your entire home, car, you, and everything else.



3G and 4G

Saying that, 3G and 4G has harmed many many people including yourself.

Even if you aren't aware of it, your cells and DNA have been damaged due to 3 and 4G.

Low sperm?

Unable to get pregnant?

Brain issues?

Others have been seriously harmed so much so they can't even leave the house and, of course, can't work.

Russian reports going back to 1977

Report 1

Report 2

Marin Pall's Report

I have many more links even on 3G and 4G. If you want them, just reach out.

My playlist on 5G



Radiation killing us

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