No Man's Sky one of my favorite games for PS4

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In the absence of occupation, I would like to introduce you today a very nice game that brought the idea of "open world" to the extreme and an exclusive game for PS4. It's about No Man Sky and those passionate about space like me know that pleasure to play this huge game that is presented in a very interesting manner.


It's a very vast game where you can easily move from one solar system to another or experience new environments on other planets.

A comeplex game with missions that put your mind in motion and where you have to survive the environments on the planets in which you are trying to get as many technologies as possible for your ship, your suit and your weapons.

The principle behind the game is exploration, which is why you depend very much on your ship you own. Depend on you what tactics you apply and what you do in the game, you will be a trader or you will hire yourself in star wars with your comrades.


If you become a trader you will need a large gauge ship with as many slots as you can fill up in your travels on other planets with all sorts of resourses you will collect, aluminum, gold, zinc and many other merchandise that you can sell them, or you will make weapons, upgrade your ship or suit.

Your adventure will not be without dangers, so you will need guns and all kinds of improvements for them, while you are subjected to harsh conditions on planets that you traveling, that mean radiation and very high or low temperatures.

Remember, each planet is different and it hosts its own animal fauna, vegetation and different conditions and here we speak of an infinite universe ... It is impossible to explore all the game is huge!!

You can also photograph every plant or animal or extraterrestrial monument and you will discover a lot of things that you can study about them. You can discover relgives that will teach you the extraordinary languages of the different civilizations that predominate in that solar system.


Every planet you discover is free to name it as you like, and if you are the first who do that, the name will be seen by other players when you play online so you can have fun with all sorts of funny names that you will leave behind .

The main ssurvival source in my opinion is mining, so you'll have a laser gun that will help you do that and also collect the resources you need to survive and load your technologies that keep you alive in the harsh conditions you are subjected. You will use this pistol often so make sure it is as useful as possible and buy advanced upgrades for it to ease your work and save time when you collect resources.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Your ship will be loaded with plutonium that you will also get with this gun by pulling in the red plutonium crystals that you will find on your trip after landing.

I would like to finish by telling you that you will not find the same resources on each planet so it is necessary to build a base that in turn gives you many other possibilities in the game after you will upgrade it and you can come back to the planet whereb you will find the resources you need by teleport.

More I will let you discover yourself and I invite you to be interested in this game.

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Really cool that you decided to cover something like No Man's Sky as you don't see much of this here, thanks for sharing!
I remember trying it out when it was just out and not liking it that much, however over the next several months the game was patched multiple times and improved drastically.
I've actually been doing some "historical" gaming posts lately, covering noteworthy games released in certain years (just made two about 98 and 2000) and this game is actually one of a kind to this day despite all the controversy around it.

Thanks man the game is one of the best for me .