Red Dead Redemption 2 and last 4 months until we will be " back to the horses"!!

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Steemians let's dream of what Rockstar will offer us with the release of the long awaited Red Dead Redemtion 2. After two delays we had, last year in autumn and 8th of June this year, finally we can see in online stores pre-orders of Red Dead Redemption 2, wich will be released in 26th October 2018!! (Romania)


However, Rockstar boys was selfish with us in terms of information and they let us to imagine more what would be. I hope they did well!

What do we know so far? We know that Rockstar promises an "open world" game where you will have much more freedom playing than the first version, with an aggressive action and very detailed virtual universe. So, the drama of Arthur Morgan and Van der Linde continues along with a gang of bandits who they trying to survive together in the wild west, stealing, robbing and engaging in a large number of attacks.


I hope that once the story is over, I can continue playing to do whatever crosses my mind and do all sorts of specific activities since that time. I hope that actions such as robbing banks, spending time in a bar drinking wiskey or even duels are not only part of the story line.


I would like to have the freedom to explore the map and I hope for a version with a tempt of survive. Just imagine how beautiful it would be to wander through the wild west and must have to hunt down to satisfy your hunger or running with your horse from one state teritory to another.


I prefer to let my mind play with a game like this caliber and I hope to be surprised and not disapointed. We will find out more when the game will appear so I let you dream. I invite you to leave a comment about how do you think the game will be?

Until then enjoy gaming and hold your horses!

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I’ve been waiting for this game since minute one after finishing the first one. I remember playing it on the XBOX 360 and I was amazed by the title. If I know something about Rockstar that is the fact that they were always revolutionary in terms of “open map” games so I’ll be waiting for something new here from that perspective. On the other hand, this will be a game that will take full power from the new technologies of today (I guess PS will have its new console by then?!) so I guess the movie style rendering and glossy textures should be main character in this. I only hope for a great gaming experience and encounter as few as poasible redundancy (cliche) missions (I get this in the AC series and it gets me bored in spite of everything else being perfect).

Sper macar cat au facut pentru GTA 5 sa faca si pentru jocul asta..Pana la urma sunt printre cei mai tari in matereie de fabricat jocuri si au baieti cu idei acolo care nu dau gres deseori.

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