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RE: SteemSavvy Update & Progress Report

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@jongolson... aka Jon, My personal opinion about bots.... when used responsibly they can help you reach people you might not be able to reach. I recommend making this a module that is not available until you reach a certain level of understanding. I think you know where that is at! :) I think showing pros and cons will allow folks to make a decision. Now with that in mind I would not penalize someone whom chooses not to use a bot... so training and understanding is a must... using one should not be necessary to progress in training!

Once I have a further peak inside I will suggest a couple of d'apps if you don't have them covered. I also suggest you reference some work by others that have done some reviews... for example @ericwilson has been doing several nice reviews!

I also suggest early on you add in the recommendation of adding to your coinbase account the Star for STEEM. Showing the importance of this is a good guidance on what can be done to help them and others grow!


Great recommendations!

I would also make this training well after the beginning, after the user gets accustomed to Steem and forms some opinions. And I would make it optional. No forcing anyone to take the module/lessons to proceed further.

I agree, but, I do think they need to know about them and what they are for!

would love to get eric in on the development side of things. he knows these apps much better than most.

thanks paul. awesome suggestions

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My pleasure... I will look further at it tonight so I can give some more suggestions!