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Created by @jabbasteem

Please provide any feedback, suggestions, bugs, etc. in the comments below and we will address them as soon as possible! Thank you!


Great Service. Signed up, will defiantly use it.
Besides being a useful tool, it will greatly help adaptation of Steem as well.
Thank for this.

Great work!

Let us see your best success using

This is awesome! This type of tool is what will make STEEM a success. Will definitely be using and providing user feedback.

Thanks to @steemservices and @jabbasteem for their hard work!

Can i see some #tweetme's?

Это отличная функция! В дальнейшем надеемся увидеть кросс-постинг привью статей и в другие социальные сети (facebook, блоггер, Googl +, VK), что поможет привлечь на платформу steemit новую аудиторию.

The use of social media is what will get Steemit on the top !


#tweetme hello twitter i am a reply on steem.

Crap, I clicked down vote by mistake! Meant to up vote it. Hopefully it will become possible for users to at least modify a vote within several seconds in the event of an errant click.

It is possible (although, perhaps not user-friendly yet). See: Proposed changes to voting rules.


Dude now you can tweet that nsfw video you promised me! =b