Retweet for Steem Power - Week 2 Bonus!!

in #steemservices8 years ago (edited)

We've had such an amazing response so far, we'd like to offer a bonus for week 2!


If we reach 150 verified retweeters AND at least 75 accounts retweet a minimum of 1 tweet by EOD Friday, we will bump the reward for this week up to 1000 Steem converted to Steem Power!

Complete information can be found in the thread here.
Do not forget to register here.


Much appreciated. Happy Tweeting everyone!

Wow, that's awesome and very generous of you, thanks! Just adds to the excitement around here, in this new community with so much potential!

Joined and learning always open to new innovative ideas and platforms like Steemit

Cool, I'll be tweeting this one as well.

Edit : There seems to be a problem with the dropdown menu of the share button.

wel, how couldn´t one share that!
there is so much bs out there on Twitter and FB that this is valuable content there...

Thanks for creating so much value guys. I just joined. Off to twitter ;)

Just registered, I'm in and on my way to retweet :-)

You guys are awesome! Way to bring more people to STEEM!

Somehow I just notice this. Nice work! And fun!

great initiative! hope we'll reach the goal