Retweet for Steem Power - Week 2 Rewards Have Been Sent!

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Rewards for Week 2 of the Retweet for Steem Power Promotion have been sent to all who participated! Thank you!!

Although we didn't meet our goals, we still decided to reward 1,000 Steem as Steem Power this week! We now have 127 participants that account for over 75,000 followers!


1000 Steem have been vested as Steem Power to the accounts below based on retweet activity and verified number of followers. Retweet period was from Saturday 6/12 - Friday 6/17.

Google Doc - Week 2 Rewards

For more information, please visit the announcement thread here.

To register, please click here.


Thanks :)

I am not on the list???

I'll check and see what happened, we'll get ya fixed up! Sorry!

You're on there, but for some reason we have the "777" missing off the end of your twitter account name. Sending some coins your way shortly here!

Hooray for new economics!

I think I retweeted far more times than 2 and my folowers are more than 18 for the second week

Will look into this as soon as I can and get you taken care of! Pulling the data when people are retweeting manually and retweeting using ifttt makes it challenging to account for everyone. We're using the search feature on Twitonomy but it may be missing something.

We are hoping to be able to automate this and build a platform around it in the near future. If anyone is interested in assisting, please let me know.

Sent over some SP, still need to look into the tweet count but the follower count was an issue on our end. All fixed up now, and we'll be reviewing everyones followers prior to next week as well!

Thanks, received.