Rogue HardFork on Steem will STEAL PRIVATE PROPERTY

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Hold on to your chairs, it's confirmed: there really is a HF planned on Steem tomorrow that WILL DELETE legitimate crypto assets.

Here's a snippet (google translated):

Finally, the 23.0 hard fork also includes responses to attacks that have been on the Steam blockchain. It is closely related to the aforementioned hard fork background. Account seizures are scheduled for accounts that pose a direct threat to the Steam blockchain or seize the legitimate assets of Steam holders. This was included as judged to be an indispensable measure to improve the network stability and user environment of Steam.

Read the full article (in KR):

Now, you may ask yourself: "How did Hive core-contributors threaten the stability of Steem?" Well, here are 6 points.

  • 1.) Damage to network stability: disturbances due to different node versions and meaningless price feeds
    • Thoughts: Steem is able to handle those "meaningless" disturbances quite well. Most people have disabled their witness-nodes & pricefeeds for months tho.
  • 2.) Block RAM spamming through infinite small transfer through the use of bots
    • Thoughts: AFAIK that was done to check whether an account was still censored or able to transact. Still, if an account has enough Resource Credits, that's his right to do so.
  • 3.) Write offensive and pointless spam comments to instill a refusal to use the site to other Steam users. Other long sentence comments and aggression comments that make it impossible to use comments
    • Thoughts: You were able to censor my own account on Steem & Steemit, just because I wrote some posts about Hive pre-launch. Censoring those accounts would done as easily. Also, as I said before, if an account has RCs, they can do how they please.
  • 4.) Exploiting the Steam Reward Pool by conducting comments, cellbot farming, etc.
    • Thoughts: Downvote it. Problem solved.
  • 5.) Spreading fake news through rumor spread
    • Thoughts: That accusation is fake news.
  • 6.) Publicly attacking users, collecting personal information, and threatening murder
    • Thoughts: Proof?

All in all, those are baseless accusations to justify seizing actual legitimate crypto assets.

Truth is: the biggest threat is and has always been the centralization of Steem through Justin Sun & Tron. Regardless if it's morally correct to spam the blockchain or exploit the reward pool, if those operations are allowed and said account has enough Resource Credits, then that's allowed based on the blockchain level. Also, regarding exploitation: Steemit Inc has millions of Steempower, how about downvoting it? Problem solved.

Now, I'm not sure if my accounts are affected, but I'm expecting so. Since I've been shadowbanned on Steem & Steemit for months, I wouldn't even be able to do any of their accusations. So, if they do remove my assets, they're actually executing theft of private property. And if all assets are combined from all different stakeholders, this will be in the double digits millions.

You can bet your ass that there is going to be a class-action suit.

With this said: Go fuck yourself, Justin Sun. The world will see what you're truly are: a tyrannical piece of shit.

Also, thank god for Hive and peakd - on Steem I (& this post) would be censored, again. 😂


How much total steem will be deleted? This will also reduce their market cap.

Well, one of the listed accounts is @freedom, that alone means a 10 million Steem burn. Get ready for a pump I guess.

I don't think they will be 'burning' the Steem. They will be moving it into an account, the keys of which STINC controls.

Yeah, it looks that way. So Justin basically takes the money for himself instead of spreading the value among the community via burning. A true "businessman".

Wow. I did not appreciate that until after my comment. Unbelievable.

Apparently it's 5mill usd worth and it won't be deleted as far as I can see... Just transfered into an anonymous account, an account very likely owned by Steemit.

They can't even spell "Steem" properly.
I fully expect the Steem blockchain to crash. Justin Sun is both a tyrant and an idiot.
@jpbliberty will look at the option of a class action lawsuit.
But make sure you are signed up for the current Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google because they caused much more damage than Justin Sun and they are not idiots.

They can't even spell "Steem" properly.


It's google translate that writes "steeam" instead of "steem"

tron idiots will be the reason the whole legacy system will have a closer look at DPoS. I hope other infrastructures are as decentralized as they have to be. or else it means trouble, not only for HIVE.

That is what is concerning the most. It is putting the controversy of the DPoS blockchains now

yes. I sure hope DPoS witnesses are on top of their game, now how to operate decentralized and are hidden.

The post doesn't discuss how they are going to get exchanges to run their closed-source hard fork. It does say (auto-translated):

There are people who talk about the possibility of separating the hard fork chain.
Currently, the main Witnesses are expected to go to 23.0 under agreement. The code is also shared by contacting the exchange. If there are witnesses who do not update to 23.0, they will create a chain that is forked to version 22.0 among themselves. Of course, there is no change to apply to 23.0 in the chain. Theoretically, if there are enough Witnesses running 22.0 code, it's not without Steam's possibility to split the chain

Even if all witnesses move to the hardfork, that doesn't mean exchanges will. Exchanges could potentially face liability for supporting code that seizes user assets. This hardfork is so far outside of the established norms for an open blockchain, that I suspect many exchanges will want nothing to do with it. If that's the case, the hardforkers will essentially create a new token with no exchange listings and very little value.

I'm interested to see how this plays out.

Thank for information 😊

You kind of lost me in the technical data but, have you noticed that whoever wrote that underlined phrase actually wrote Steam instead of Steem. He would have been flagged hears ago if doing that on a blog post. They kind of sign their doom papers for the blockchain for such attitudes. Are you on their list as well? Don't remember the exact list of personas non grata...

It's a google translate text.

It's google's fault for the mistake then. They should know by now the difference between Steem and Steem, and of course Steemit. I remember what rage used to be a few years back around such confusions made by newbies when they would refer to Steem as Steemit. Now it's all history...

Yes, google is to blame. There’s nothing more to it.

I just found out that my hunt tokens has been frozen and my acc blacklisted. The only reason for such action can be fund in me supporting the split and criticism about them being pathetic for supporting centralization. What a bunch of morons, they literally banned me and stole my funds for not sucking justins dick.

The SEC ruled Ethereum a security because of its decentralization. Steem is no longer decentralized and thus a security if the SEC were asked. Steemit, Inc, a company registered in the US, has total control over the blockchain. By stealing the coins, Justin Sun is now committing security fraud, a serious crime that may result in a prison sentence. I wonder if China would extradite him if he got a prison sentence. The most likely result of this is that Tron is forced to pay those whose balances were frozen OTC for their stake at a higher price than those account holders would've been able to sell their coins through exchanges.

I wonder if China would extradite him if he got a prison sentence.

I doubt that. My take is that Justin is funded by Jack Ma and that businessman has a lot of influence in China.

But it would keep him from ever coming to the USA or any country that has an extradition treaty with the USA. Also, it would do serious damage to his ability to do business in the US.

He deserves that for his mentality and way of treating people and doing business.

Steem becomes Steam. According to the dictionary this process is called "Steamit".

Why did they keep saying STEAM? They don't even know the name of what they own LOL! Hilarious!

Steam users wow that shows how well they know the blockchain this is going to act opposite of what they are thinking this time

The post mentions an upcoming Blurt hardfork based off of Steem by @birdinc. Here's the source code at Also at

Blurt is a fork of the Steem blockchain that begins operating on or before July 4th, 2020 with Steem balances taken in a snapshot at block 43526969.

So is this a counter-fork to keep a version of Steem going that isn't so irreparably tainted? Does anyone expect BLURT to have value?

Is a post on the Steem blockchain or is a website that hosts content separately from Steem?

I wonder if I'm on their naughty list as they are flagging anything I do there. It's not like I can do them serious damage. Meanwhile they ignore the big abusers.

totally immature and you guys should definitely go to court over this

they could do this if they creat NEW STEEM coin. yesterday i was wondering are they that stupid to try and delete coins from the chain, and it looks like they are.
If the list is true, i seen roundbeargames there, and he had nothing to do with spam, code of hive, or what ever was there on their stupid list of reasons. he was just against the actions Koreans did.
So if exchanges don't run the code, will we have another coin?
also, they had to send the code to exchanges. could not someone get that code from them and make it public?

To wrap it up:
The only thing Steem devs and witnesses achieved in about 2 month is extending an array of user, change a parameter from 13 to 3 and put label 0.23 on it and call it next major release?

Really good job!

One question I have if anyone can help...

Are the funds being deleted (I keep seeing people use that word), or transferred to another account that is owned by steemit? If it’s the latter - how are they able to transfer the funds without the private keys of the users? Do they first null the account and then the funds are available to be transferred? That’s the one piece of this I’m still trying to get my mind around! Thanks for the help!

Actually why they did is to copy the code used for Hive hardfork, but instead of sending the funds to Steem DAO they will send them to a "Steem treasury" account.

On Steem there's a comment from @fredrikaa that wrap the situation up perfectly as to how can we differentiate these two forks.

Yes. Anyone is free to create a new fork with whatever code and data they want. But there is one key difference here, namely whether or not the owners of the accounts whose states have been altered will themselves have to go through the trouble of first getting the support to run a version with their tokens, and second to have that token listed on exchanges and to thus gain value.

While I was strongly against the Hive exclusions, at least those excluded did not have to do anything to keep their existing STEEM balances. Those who forked to Hive created a new token, and did all the work to get it listed on exchanges and recognized in order to hold value. On the other hand, if those affected by the alterations of balances included in this fork want to run a version with their funds, then granted that this code gets accepted by exchanges, they will have to come up with a different token with a different name and do all the work to give it value.

Thus it is not apples and apples. In one instance, the affected party is imposed with a significant cost in order to retain the value they once had. Wheras in the other instance, those excluded from the HIVE fork has kept everything they had beforehand.

Again, I disagreed with the exclusions, as well as the spam and other attempts to make Steem unstable. But still, this logic does not apply equally.

So people that run a blockchain can just take your money, am I getting this right?

only if they collude and/or are owned by few real people. like steem.

If they actually plan to lock investments of people, then, that would be cruel. I wonder why they look at Hive as a platform that stole their property, when in the real sense Hive only excluded nuisances from an airdrop. Anyway, time will tell.

I saw your name on the list, I hope you have been powering down all along and taking out all you can?

This is by far the most heinous crime ever committed on a POS chain. It is nothing but broad daylight robbery. My heart melted when I read the announcement. I hope you guys can take legal actions against Sun.

Long live Hive. Is there anything the Hive community can do to compensate or support the affected accounts? Cheers!