Showcasing SteemSilverGold Community Spirit

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When we first floated the idea of a Monster Raffle Community Fundraiser for #SteemSilverGold I wasn’t really sure if there would be much interest. I put up a Silver STEEM Round from 2017 to kick things off and thought if we could get a couple of ounces to give us a handful of prizes I’d be happy. What happened next kind of took me by surprise and members started coming out of the woodwork to donate stuff. I’ve been in a bit of shock since.


In the final count we ended up with over 47 ounces of silver worth over $1000 USD in the prize pot. We have 32 different prizes with all sorts of stuff in there from all over the world. If you’re interested in Silver and Gold then there is something in that pot you’d probably like. We’ve set the raffle up so that if you win a prize but want to swap it for something else that’s available YOU CAN. I’ve already heard whispers that different people hope to choose different prizes that take their fancy. I’m certainly eyeing off a couple myself and as a concept this Monster Raffle seems to be working very well to create a buzz in the SteemSilverGold Community as well as raise some much needed funds.


We are drawing the Monster Raffle live in the SteemSilverGold Discord at 11pm GMT on Saturday the 9th of June – which is only a couple of days away now, and we’ve sold over 400 tickets over the last 5 days. Now that does sound like a lot, but tickets are only 1 SBD each so we haven’t really covered the value of the prizes yet so it’s shaping up as another really good value raffle to get involved in.


If you want to support one of the great communities here on STEEM and want to give yourself a chance of winning a cool prize at a very affordable price, then get a ticket or 2 in the raffle and drop into our Discord for the LIVE Draw. You’ll find out what this community is all about because it will be one of the biggest online events (if not the biggest) put together by a community on STEEM.

If you want more information about the Monster Raffle check out the announcement post where all the prizes are listed HERE



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It's cool that initially was #47 ounces -- in a Silver raffle of all things!

And looking at that math, i am deffo buying more! In fact, there's btc speeding to my Binance account presently! Can hardly wait til' Sat!!!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Woah!! Almost 50 ounces!! That's awesome work by everyone involved. The draw is so soon.... better stop buying steem monsters and turn my post rewards into some raffle tickets for the next few days!!

My Final Coin Man has been Counted... Can you guess the amount...???

It should be up over 50oz now with my last donation. I couldn't let the most epic raffle in blockchain history go down at 47oz. :)

Sorry I missed those ones. I would say hold off until the next one but if you're a round number guy then that isn't going to work for you. Shame you came in late because that really should have been a top 5 prize.

It's gotta be 50. Maybe make it a mystery prize or would you trade your prize for what's behind door #1.

Can't wait. This is going to set the bar high for the next raffle 😁

@buggedout amazing job on the raffle and getting the whole thing rolling and up!! I still got to grab some tickets and cross my fingers lol. Thanks for sharing!!

Cheers. It's been a great effort from everyone involved. At the end of the day I'm just a facilitator.

Stackers apparently like to give stuff away. @o07 seems to be giving away his silver all the time. Why is that? As a non-stacker, it makes me think silver is worth fuck-all, otherwise you'd hodl it.

Good point I suppose. Would probably take a whole post to try and explain the psychology behind stacking.

Why do crypto-projects airdrop tokens? Because they want to promote their token and get them into circulation so they are used. In a nutshell I don't think it's that different with stackers giving away silver.