225th US mint liberty

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I'm guessing the US mint is having trouble moving this coin since i keep getting emails and brochures from them trying to hype it.

I never found the coin to be very pleasing to the eye.... but the insaine premium is what turned me off most to the coin. I guess it did a lot of others as well.

Did any of you pick this up? Do you like it? Do you think it's premium is worth it or the coin will appreciate?

I have my doubts on anything positive for this coin and will continue to pass on it.

Sources: picture from usmint.gov


When buying coins, you have to know your own rationale. Is it:

For the beauty?
For the value of the bullion?
For the numismatic value (i.e. rarity)?
To complete a collection?
For some personal desire which is none of the above?

For me these coins don’t seem to have numismatic value, and with a premium, there are better bullion coins. Sounds like the beauty isn’t there.

Lol exactly, this is a great logical checklist to go through for a coin... and yeah it didnt pass mustard on any of them for me

It's been many years since I've bought anything from the U.S. Mint (other that silver and gold eagles/buffalos). I'm just not interested in their offerings anymore.

They spent all of that effort to create the 50 state quarter set, you'd think they could come up with a companion to the Silver Eagle that changes on a yearly basis (I still like ASE's but also something different would be nice).

I agree, something like that would be cool

I agree, something like that would be cool

I like this design for its beauty. I wanted to buy it as a gold ounce. However, I did think the premium was way too high. I also wasn't buying a full ounce anyway. If I was going to buy a gold ounce this was the one I would get.
When the Silver version came out, I bought it immediately without hesitation. It had a premium that was also way too high. But at least it was in the realm of affordability.
Along the same lines I was able to buy a silver Krugerrand which also had a very high premium.

i like kurgerands.... i would have bought some but i tend to prefer coins over rounds (since i dont think they have a monetary value they are more like a round)

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