Coin Blog (Clog #5): Queens Beast Coins

Hey everyone!


So this is probably my favorite of all the coin series' out there.

The Queens Beast series!
I got this one with my shipment last month and i wanted to show you all :)
This is a full 1 ounce gold coin. With a face value of 100 pounds.
Right now i think there are 3 or 4 queens beast coins out there (a dragon, a unicorn, a griffin, and.... i cant remember the last)

Im not really one for trying to get a whole series or collection of coins... but i think i will attempt to get all of these. I think there are planned to he a total of 11 different ones.
The UK mint, in my opinion is the best one out there (in terms of quality of the coin and coin design)

Anyways let me know what you guys think of this coin and any queens beast coins. Are any of you getting these as well?


sources of graphic pictures:

all other photos are 100% original and taken by me and mine


Always good to see some gold out here on #steemsilvergold! Welcome to our little corner of paradise!

Thank you! Glad to find this little corner :)

Hi fem! I love this series too! I have bought the Lion and the dragon in 1oz gold for my boys -- Charlie was born 2012 which makes him a dragon, and baby Leon is a Lion for sure! Also, i have several in Silver 2oz, although i'm not mad about the griffin. Still yet to acquire the Unicorn in Silver -- but i want it bad!!!

Also, and this is super cool, i won a 10oz Lion right here on steemit. A gorgeous piece in a super fancy box. I agree this series is fantastic!

Lion!!! Thats the one i couldnt remeber! Lol

Yeah i really want the dragon, i am missing that one and the dealers i normally buy from are out of stock, so i may need to get it from ebay; not the greatest place to buy gold from

Im also thinking of pre-ordering the unicorn while gold is under 1300.

I am super jelly of your 10oz coin! That is super lucky to win such a thing :)

It's amazing! Good luck with finding a gold dragon!

And check out @britcoin -- he's the top dog that sent me the 10oz Lion

Do they make a Platinium Griffin?

I dont think say..... there is a platinium mercury dime one ounce coin coming out of the US mint soon though

Those certainly are spectacular coins. I hope you post the lot when you obtain them .

nice post. very interesting, there would be more of it in the future.. done following. :)

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It's a great series indeed in silver as well. The griffin in now on pre sale in the 10 oz version.

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Just waiting for my 1/4 gold unicorn to arrive, the 1oz gold are out of my budget, amazing coin you have there.

yeahhhhh i really need to put my order in for the unicorn.......when i first started stacking i did 1/10th and 1/2

but i ended up preferring 1 oz.... of course it just means i gotta spend a longer time saving up for them lol