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Today i wanted to show you guys this gold eagle 1 ounce proof coin i got. :)

Normally i don't get proof gold or numismatic coins.... but this was on sale for the same price as a normal gold American Eagle... so i went ahead and picked it up!
This is a 1986 dated coin, in it's original blue book holder. When you hold and feel it, you can definitely tell the reason it was on sale was because someone bought it and sold it back to the coin dealer recently... since it has a little wear on it.
The coin itself looks fine though, so i dont mind the wear on the booklet.

Anyways let me know what you guys think of this coin and other proof coins you guys are fans of or thinking of getting.

And as always....

*sources of pro looking pictures:
Title picture from

all other photos are 100% original and taken by me and mine



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Excellent pickup. It's nice to have a little gold with all your silver!

Nice score Fem! That's a whole lotta love for reg ASE!

Beautiful gold coin thanks for sharing and congrats on the cool find.

its great, i love coins and i created one for steemit.
maybe buy it in the future XD, greetings.

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