How to plant Chrysanthemum Flower

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Generally, the many chrysanthemums found around us today are hybrid plants imported from Japan, the Netherlands and the United States, and have adapted to the climate in Indonesia. Among the sellers of ornamental plants, chrysanthemum flowers are divided into two kinds, namely a standard chrysanthemum that consists of one flower on one stalk. While the other type of spray chrysanthemum flowers, which has 10 to 20 flowers in each stalk. Standard chrysanthemum flowers are usually larger than ordinary chrysanthemum flowers, ie with the midline of 3-5 cm petals.


The colorful beauty of this chrysanthemum turned out to be the main attraction for Indonesian society. This flower is only used as ornamental flowers only. But today many people who make chrysanthemum flowers as a symbol of romance is due to this ornamental flower is often used to express feelings of affection to the couple. Chrysanthemums themselves are a kind of flowering plants that are often grown as ornamental plants of yard or picking flowers.

Chrysanthemum flowers often grow well in the highlands reaching a height of 700-1200 Dpl. In addition, chrysanthemum flowers can also be immediately flowering if getting irradiation of less than 14.5 hours. Thus, chrysanthemum flowers should be given the addition of light at night.


To plant chrysanthemums of their own, there are at least four things to note. First, plant or put chrysanthemums under the sun. Second, using fertile soil that easily drains water if you want to plant this flower in the container. Third, cultivate this flower in a location that gets plenty of air circulation. Lastly, move the chrysanthemum flowers to a new location every three years.


In order to grow well and interest is amazing, plants need to be treated. Treatment of plants here is not only watered, but also fertilization and cutting. More is like the following:

  • Watering

A good watering method is sufficient and do not let the water stagnant, because it will cause roots to rot. Chrysanthemum flowers enough watered once a day.

  • Fertilization

Chrysanthemum plants need not be too often fertilized, especially when you've mixed the planting media with fertilizer. Two months after planting, fertilizer can be added at intervals once a month.

  • Cutting

Cutting needs to be done if you plant chrysanthemums from seeds. When you buy chrysanthemum flowers in pots, cutting is not necessary because it is done by the seller.


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