GIVE TO GET! Why I've increased my voting weight for our @myprecious curation trail and Why You Should Too!

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Hello Friends & Fellow Stackers!

If I promised to give you a penny every day for a year, would you be excited?

Call me ungrateful, but if I'm being honest, I would not be. Thankful and appreciative? Absolutely without question. But excited? Meh, not really.

I've often asked myself what the ultimate purpose of holding steem power is. There are many potential answers, but I think I've found the best one so far. We members of #steemsilvergold, as well as aspiring members, have something many others do not. What we have is a community of support. This fact changes the nature of the game a bit. Please allow me a little latitude here as I explain my logic.


If you are not already aware of, it is an excellent tool that shows much of what steemd does, but in an easier to understand and view format that even a dummy like me can follow. I LOVE this tool and use it ALL the time. I gain many insights with it and I encourage you to use it. Among many other data points, I like to track the weight of the organic upvotes I am fortunate to receive. From the graphic above, you can see what my voting weights amount to. At this time, my maximum vote is a humble $.20. I'm still proud of it though because for a long time this was $.02 .

I want my vote to mean something and for my appreciation to translate to a real reward for someone!


Together we are stronger, so when the idea for a community curation trail was floated around, I jumped right in! Now we all have concerns, founded or unfounded, about maintaining a certain amount of VP. So naturally, those that signed up probably set their weight to 5%. Using, I can see that many of the 5% votes are worth about $.01 or less (zero), including mine. When I noticed this I was not proud. Then I had a thought:

I am the problem.

How can a member with low SP be expected to contribute more if I am only giving their posts $.01 worth of love? What would happen if instead, I was giving them $.05 cents or more? What if we all were? Sooner or later, each member's votes would be worth more, hence the title of this post: GIVE TO GET!


As one of our favorite members often says, it's not what you have, it's what you give! I hope you won't take this as a complaint, but as an offering of a different perspective and an invitation to update your settings! If you haven't already joined the @myprecious curation trail, please take a look at this post:, from @summertooth that does an excellent job explaining the process. It is easy, takes very little time, and you can stop it at any point. I would also suggest that prospective members of SSG also take the time to set it up and please let us know once you've done so!

...and that is my $.02!



Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I am one of those members with a 100% upvote of $0.01 and I have a fanbase at steemauto following around 100 members. It is too much people for a too small upvote. :=(
You are right. We must give before receiving. I will double my upvotes now on @myprecious.

We all give according to what we can afford. It is enough to know we are thinking about these things. Thanks Ron!

I think @nofiat was referring to @myprecious curating trail(see the title of the article). @summertooth was referring to following @ssg-community. In the first we upvote the members of the trail and in the second we upvote the posts by ssg-community only.

Good catch Ron! I'll edit later today!

Ok. I'll correct this. Thank you.

I think one important thing that makes a good author is commenting back. If someone won’t ever comment back I usually stop reading their content. I only have so much time.

I don't know if it makes a good author, but it is definitely the courteous thing to do and promotes engagement. Two things we can all use more of, if you ask me!

Thank you @propane!

Right on,we all grow together and are looking to the future!

I agree! You get what you give

This is for ssg members only?

Anyone can follow the curation trail and benefit accordingly, but it was intended for members. If you are interested in becoming a member (are you already one? I lose track...) in my opinion, it would be a nice gesture towards official membership...

No, I am not officially a ssg member. I think new members needs to be nominated by an existing member. Not sure what the benefits in return as well. I will check out the curation trail though.