Going HARD! 10 Oz Englehard!

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Hello Friends!

For weeks now, I've read posts going on and on about Englehard Mint and how collectible their metal is. I will also concede that it is getting harder and harder to find the stuff. When you do find it, there seems to always be a bit (or a LOT) of a premium to be paid.

Well, I talked myself into getting some anyway!

I try to keep a balance of numismatic pieces and straight bullion weight, but if I can get just a little collectibility and some weight, why the heck not? After checking out allenglehard.com (which I found thanks to this amazing community, BTW), I can proudly state there may only be another 299,999 of these particular bars! NOT the rarest at all, but I also didn't pay too much of a premium either.

Now the bad news:

I think I scratched it. Even though these are old bars and certainly will have some dings and dents, I had a lump in my throat at the thought I might have inflicted further harm upon my little guy. My only comfort is that it is still 10 ounces of goodness, so nothing really lost. I guess now you can call him Scarface!

The lesson for me and the reminder for you all is DO NOT TEAR INTO YOUR PACKAGES, NO MATTER HOW EXCITED YOU ARE! TAKE YOUR MOT!@#$%^&ING TIME! If anyone knows a way to safely buff it out, I'd appreciate some knowledge transfer very much!

Anyway, here are some pictures to enjoy:




The eagle is nice


Thanks for checking in and taking a look! I look forward to your thoughtful comments, as I always do!

Keep on stacking & saving!



Tell me it isn't so........ I scratch on an Engelhard Bar.... Not a 10 oz. Bar.....Tell me it isn't so.........But a nice add to the stack

I know. I am holding my head in shame and disgrace. Please don't rub it in!

Bottom line, when melted, it's just another .999 silver bar. We've all done it when opening packages, just not with a Engelhard bar.

Way to rub it in... Sheesh. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

Woot, woot!!! A 10 oz Engelhard!A great haul, my friend. Hahaha, yup, go slow even when you are excited! Stack on, my friend! Thanks for sharing your latest pick-up!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Still a nice classic bar regardless. I was just at that website this afternoon, great information source.

That's a keeper. Not sure about getting that scratch out, but you'll always remember now to take your time. Very nice add to the stack.

I cut myself shaving this morning. I am worth the same!

Engelhard...excellent! thanks for support..those who have been buying at these levels will be very, very pleased rather soon.

Nice big E! That thing is sweet I wouldn't sweat the scratch,