"The Happiness of Society is the End of Government" - John Adams, SilverShield goodness!

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Hello Everyone!

I will keep today's post brief. I could expound for days based on the quote alone, but I think sometimes it is more effective to just let things sink in. Besides, I've got a lot of work to do next few days...😉

Chris Duane of SilverShield had the wisdom to highlight this piece of insightful knowledge from our 2nd President and founding father, Mr. John Adams. Why would he say such a thing? What did/does he know about the nature of government to inspire such words? Our founders were certainly not perfect, but they definitely were wise!

So why oh why?


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great detail on this one too!

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COA for 1459 of only 1855 minted! Now I just need to get a capsule for it...

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Thanks for taking a look and for being a thinker! We need all we can get!



Another handsome man on a coin!

Very nice coin

Well thank you very much my friend! I appreciate you taking the time to make a comment, and you obviously have great taste in Silver, haha!

I would like to have this Silver patterns in German language too

From what little I know, I know the Germans have had many troubles with their currency over the years and government is always to blame! This message would be well-received, I bet! God Bless!

We have some freedom fighters but people still promote Marx.

When you have a Government, you also have Politicians... If any Favors are needed, you might want to wine and dine them... Become "buddies"... Politicians may enter Office with good intentions, but after a while, they find themselves doing favors for their so called "buddies"... After all, wasn't it their "buddies" who helped get them elected...??? I'd personally love to see the "END" of the Central Banks and their Owners Power over our Politicians... No wonder they care not who makes our Laws...

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Rather than happiness coming from the end of government, perhaps it means a happy society ends the necessity of of government? 🤔💭☺️

That's my read!

Mind meld. 😉

Silver Shield has top-notch products. This is one of them.

"The Happiness of Society is the End of Government"

Word! Governments only produces primitive societies. Resteem!