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Hello Freedom Lovers!

I think those are good questions we should always ask ourselves. I am as big a proponent of cryptocurrency and digital assets as the next person here, but ONLY to the extent it gives the common folk more power over their own lives and more individual freedom. This is why we must all pay attention to technology and not be blinded by convenience or "modernity".

Many years ago, there was much talk of RFID chips and how much they could help with commerce, identification, inventory control, etc. Indeed, much of this has come to pass and RFID chips have helped tremendously. There was also an undercurrent of fear related to these, many believing they could be used to usher in the "Mark of the Beast" system. I'll let you all research the bible reference on your own, but in terms of freedom, here is the gist of it, in case this is news to you: It is rumored that a well-known banking family, still influential today, had a closed-door conversation with a business man. Among other items discussed, one of the notable statements was around a proposed plan to put all individual financial details onto a microchip (or RFID chip) and implant that chip into people. This chip, over time, would be the only way to transact. It would be sold to the sheeple as "the new hot shit" and the most convenient way to get around in the world. The true purpose was/is control. The idea is that any person or group that were not compliant with the wishes of those in power, anyone protesting an action by those in power, or anyone generally at odds with these elites, would simply have their chip inactivated. That's it, end of story.

This is still a threat, but in my opinion, Blockchain can accomplish the same result if we are not careful and vigilant. It makes no sense to demonize a technology, but it makes a whole lot of sense to question motives and stay alert. If the rumor/plan is true, I can easily see the plan stay the same while replacing RFID with Blockchain. Or worse, a combination of the two technologies. Blockchain can do a lot for humanity, but let's watch it closely and keep it as decentralized as possible!

With this in mind, when I saw this round available from Chautauqua Silver Works, I had to have it!

Limited Mintage of only 200!

0611181543 - Copy.jpg

0611181543c_HDR - Copy.jpg

0611181543b_HDR - Copy.jpg

I'm glad there are people like Ron around who make these thoughtful designs! May they serve as a warning for years to come!

More reason to stack tangible wealth & savings! Stack on brothers and sisters! God Bless!




Nice piece!


Execellent!! I want one!!!

That's how I felt when I saw the design. I thought I was done stacking for the month, and I planned to switch to straight weight and get away from numis, but NOPE...had to have it!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

They'd need to completely control the internet. If they started to head in that direction, mesh wi fi networks would spring up pretty quick.
Coding takes innovation, which only thrives under freedom.
Crypto gives an income source to the good guys. They don't have to work for the NSA. There's an alternative.
The state doesn't have Dans, Neds or Vitaliks, they just have graduates :)

I'm with ya, but you must admit all tech can be used for good and bad. My point is it's never a bad thing to be cautious and be vigilant about protecting freedom! So far, so good...

Hi Passing by and Upvoted you :) !
“I give away examples!” ====> Ljupka Cvetanova

I liked the piece but I liked your article better. Congrats.

Thanks so much Ronaldo! That means a lot coming from you; much appreciated!