I Got Some Silver Treasure.

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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

I took a break from posting and this is not my planned return to post. I did get a mail last Friday with some really cool items. Some silver coins and some things I will hold with sentimental value.

I this post I will share the coins I got. Three coins in all to start me off as a Silver Stacker.

Thank you @SaffiSara for helping get me started.

bar 1 rainbow.jpg

The first coin is a Liberty coin. I like the Indian on the back.
I guess the Indian is the heads side.

The Buffalo has a tail so that works,

The second coin is a Silver shield, This one is to carry in my pocket.

Not sure what the Octopus signifies on the coin.

I do like the Sword on the back though.

The third coin and my FAVOURITE is the Andorra Coin.

Andorra is ruled by two parties, Bishop of Spain and the President of France.


The face of the coin shows an eagle.

I will have to begin taking these photos in daylight and prevent that flash spot on the coins.

Make a Diff banner.jpg

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8 I think in general signify prosperity, and octopi (octopuses), in fable generally guard sunken treasures, but my understanding of number lore is, shall we say, a bit lacking and I could have been mis-informed.

I had never heard of that tiny country Andorra, but that is one of the good things about Steem Block Chain, we learn a lot about the world through our interactions with such a diverse crowd/group of people.

Those are all cool, but Andorra is my favorite too!

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