Steem silver round

Man, Oh Man

I've been at it since 9am this morning and I am still not done. U.S. packages are ready to ship and overseas orders are ready to be packaged.


All U.S. Orders should be to the respected owners by this coming Friday.


What a day, its not very often you get to spend the day looking at silver and getting it ready to ship all over the world.


It's been a long day and I am gonna head to the post office to mail a few of these package through the kiosk at the post office.


It's been a pleasure and I have enjoyed every step of this process and I'm thankful steemit trusted me enough to lead this project...

Good night and get ready, cause their coming !!!

More pics to come!!!



Thanks Ray, what were the final numbers as far as Total Coins Minted.....

777 was thr total sold, 1500 where minted and 623 where melted back down...

Thanks Ray, we made 50% but a shame 623 melted down to .9999 fine.....On the flip side, I own 10/777 = 1.29 % of the total outstanding

Thanks Ray, what were the
Final numbers as far as
Total Coins Minted.....

                 - rollingthunder

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice 😃


Thank You Ray! Your dedication to this project and everything you do is awe inspiring. I have until January 1st before my 2020 travel begins. Plenty of time to sort through this years and past years rounds.

Thanks my FRIEND! Couldnt have made it with out cha. Yes, you will have plenty of time to sort your mountain.

Between that and getting Christmas stuff ready your house must have been a zoo this weekend.

Thanks so much for organizing the rounds this year. It is a massive endeavor. 🤗

Christmas? Haven't even started that yet. Thanks dfinney

Tremendous work, mate. Place wouldn't be the same without you.

Thanks for the kind words Mr. Clarke. 👍

can't wait!!!

The wait is over, be to you very soon.👍

That's a lot of silver!! Thank you for doing this, we'd be lost without you

Lost? Not sure about that but I diffently enjoyed it. Thanks my friend.

So much work, I cannot thank you enough....You are so appreciated!!🤗

Thanks alot silvertop

Thank you!!!
This will be my second Steem Silver round, the detail’s on the round look beautiful.
You have your hands full mailing these all out!😳

Awesome! I can't wait! Thank you @raybrockman for your dedication😎

Thanks, you'll have it soon.👍

Thanks for all your efforts in organising, coordinating, packing and posting all these awesome #2019steemsilverrounds I can’t wait to get mine in my hands.

Coming to you my friend.....

Sweet! That is exciting!!

That looks like a lot of work and organization. You are appreciated!

It wasn't to bad. Thanks

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to keeping the round going! Super stoked and anxious to hold the beauties in my hands.

Yours will be to you by Thursday. Thanks

800 one ounce rounds had to look pretty impressive all stacked up Ray....👍

It was d510 but I am glad they are boxed and moving out..😎👊

F""" yeah, man! I can pratically smell the silver. I was wondering about this today. So glad to see they are on their way.

Post office was pissed when I showed up today


Can't thank you enough for all the work and worry you've put into this project. You are a true friend to us all.

It was my pleasure, thanks

Phew, I get tired just looking at those photos, @raybrockman! Thanks for everything that you do! I wish I could help you.
I am so thrilled to soon get mine, hehehe!
Have a lovely day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks saver 888 yours should be there by Friday.

Can't wait :P Thank you for your work :)

Super excited!!!

Should be to you by Thursday. Thanks for the support.

Thank you for your wonderful work!

Thanks Ron!

Good job! Thank you for doing this. It must be a lot of work!


Your a Trooper Ray thankyou for overseeing this \o/

Looking very much forward to getting them!!!

Physical Steem in action right here!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and due diligence with this project. It is greatly appreciated. Here is to Steem on its way up again!! We got this! I can't wait to see them in person and you know an unboxing post is coming from me when they do!! Bless everywhere brother.

Thanks again @raybrockman, no one is more trusted, nor more of a silver hound than you are. SSG is lucky to be having their 2019’s shipped out from the belly of the beast!!!