The Los Angeles Clippers Should’ve traded Montrezl Harrell

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One of the most productive Clippers player is Montrezl Harrell. His energy on both ends of the floor is outstanding. He’s likely the third or fourth best scorer of the Los Angeles Clippers. And that makes him a very valuable asset for the Clippers.
They can use him as a trade asset especially now that he wants to get paid. But, during the February trade deadline, even though many people are expecting him to be traded by the Clippers, the team did not do any moves. They let him stay and decide in the offseason if he will go and find another team that can pay him the money he wanted.

Harrell is averaging 18.7 points and 7.1 rebounds shooting 58 percent from the field with a player efficiency rating of 23.20. And now that the trade deadline has passed, people believe that the Clippers should’ve traded him before he walks away in the offseason without them getting anything in return.
According to Ric Bucher of Bleacher's Report, Montrezl Harrel might’ve been a solid trade target for teams during the trade deadline.
"He is likely to command at least triple his current $6 million salary this summer, which, as it stands now, would push the Clippers into the luxury tax. While Harrell embodies the hard-nosed ethos owner Steve Ballmer grew to admire as a Detroit Pistons fan in his youth, the prospect of having him leave for nothing in return or being financially handcuffed for the foreseeable future could influence the Clippers’ deadline strategy, several opposing executives say.
“The Clippers have a real dilemma,” one Western Conference scout says. “Montrezl wants to get paid, but he does most of his damage against backups. If you already have Paul [George] and Kawhi [Leonard] on your books, can you pay him what he’s going to want?”
Expect Harrell to demand money this coming summer but the Clippers might not want to give it to him. It is likely that he will walk away if the Clippers did not pay him. So, instead of losing him without getting anything in return, why did the Clippers didn’t trade him?

But, if the Clippers reach their ultimate goal this year and win the NBA Title, then nothing else matters. It will all be worth it. Sometimes a franchise simply has to put it all on the line when they have a legitimate shot at a championship and this is their shot.
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