The Ministry of Steem Radio Show: - 10pm UTC, Wednesday May 2 on the Steemstar Network

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The Steemstar Network

Wednesday May 2

10pm UTC

3pm PDT | 5pm CDT | 6pm EDT | 11pm BST (GMT+1)

12am CEST (thu) | 7am JST (thu) | 8am AEST (thu) | 10am NZST (thu)


This Wednesday sees the first episode of the Ministry of Steem radio show, presented by Pengo (@quoll), Darren (@darrencray) and Bear (@damianjayclay).

Tune in at the Steemstar Network for a fun-filled two hour show where we'll be interviewing some of the most talented content creators on the platform as well as reviewing our favorite posts of the week.

This week's special guests will be @yidneth and @zipporah.

There will be stops along the way for some music and laughs. If you'd like to be part of the audience drop into the Steemstar Network Discord.

See you there!

The Ministry



Thanks for inviting me to join you. 🌿 With the magnificent @yidneth, no less! (Love you, Priscilla!) 🌺 Looking forward to it! ⭐️

weee It makes me happy to be there with you, It's going to be fun!

So are we! Should be a good one.

I wish I could be there to observe, but too much going on at home tonight. Hopefully, it will be archived? Sounds so good!!

Thank for the invite :) and glad to share the show with my lovely friend and fellow singer Zippy :) this is going to be sweet, looking forward to it!

It will be great to have you and Zippy on there. Should be a good night.

Guy in the middle looks dumb