Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Powered by Steem

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Powered by Steem

Some time ago, I published a short video that I’d rendered from templates to promote SteemSTEM. It was bundled with an audio track just to fill the silence.

Some of you liked it, so now I have a new version for you an with audio track from maestro @mobbs!
In three different flavors at that!
Of course, feel free to use the videos to promote SteemSTEM.

SteemSTEM promo videos

Version one

Version two

Version three

Delegations to empower SteemSTEM content.

In addition to delegating 100k SP to @utopian-io to support development, I also delegate to various SteemSTEM curators.

Since July 2017, I have delegated a total of over 70,000,000.000 SteemPowerHours (yeah, I intentionally used a large number to make it sound even more impressive ;-) )

Now I’m changing this method of support to make it more flexible and effective.
I’m going to use WISE: Vote delegation system to empower selected SteemSTEM curators in their efforts.

More details coming soon!

If you believe I can be of value to Steem, please vote for me (gtg) as a witness on Steemit's Witnesses List or set (gtg) as a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.
Your vote does matter!
You can contact me directly on, as Gandalf

Steem On


Aha I forgot I even wrote this. I definitely love the second one most in colour. So warm and nice.

Fantastic video. A lot of work went into this.
Thank you on behalf of the stem community.

Thank you @mobbs, for the audio track that is a valuable part of those videos!

This post has been voted on by the SteemSTEM curation team and voting trail.

If you appreciate the work we are doing then consider voting us for witness by selecting stem.witness!

For additional information please join us on the SteemSTEM discord and to get to know the rest of the community!

Really well done promos! And I am thrilled to see Wise used in one of the best communities out here :)

That's a Wise decision

I'm all about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) but not when we just regurgitate what has been taught programmed to us. Most STEM people are not free-thinkers and are not open to new ideas or suggestions. Please don't become like them ...

Worry not, I'm me, and I'm like nobody else.
Steem gives us freedom of expressing ourselves however we wish. We've achieved that thanks to STEM and because of being open to new ideas.
Fortunately, 2+2=4, well, at least in interval and ratio scales ;-)

Thank you for everything you are doing for SteemSTEM.


Please forgive the off topic question.
Do you know about this post about the Bittrex proposed or possible Steem dollar pair or SBD dollar pair and are the witnesses supporting this effort?
Thank you

I know about the listing possibility and I already reached out to the exchange.

Thank you!
I have posted about it in English, Spanish, German, French, Korean and Japanese.
I hope it happens.

I love the third version (which seems to have been your first attempt) most.

These are great and I probably would have missed them if @mobbs hadn't added music. Big thanks to you both. Now I just gotta remember to use them in my next post...

SPHours! I love it :D

Thanks a lot fo the videos by the way! I like it a lot!

Fantastic video. A lot of work went into this.
Thank you on behalf of the stem community.

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The three videos are great.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for steemSTEM :)

Wow! These are amazing! I am still trying to figure out which one I like more, the first one or the third one :) This really brightened up my day, thank you! 💚

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A great effort of you, I like version 1 best. And really cool that a whale like you supports steemSTEM curators! Thanks a lot.

P.S.: Where can I apply for a delegation? ;-P
P.P.S.: Just joking, ofc...
P.P.P.S: Am I?

with Wise in a month or so, you should also be able to generate a special link, and use it in your post. That link would be to predefined by you Wise Delegation Rules.

Thanks to that, you could predefined rules, that for example you would like to vote with someone else vote once a day, with vote not stronger than 25% and only on posts with tag #deutsch... a then other people (like gandalf), could just click that link, adjust the rules if they prefer... and apply then :)

No more delegations. It's going to be wise(R) ;-)

Nice job guys!

Trying to decide which version I like more...and failing!

The videos are great man! Glad to know that you're supporting SteemSTEM.

I'm not doing this almost at all, but if you want to support somehow my project SteemSTEM PROMO feel free to contact me. I am also in contact with @steemstem team and providing insights from my page on FB. You can check here how that looks like.

PS Sry if this annoys you, but I'm not asking anything for myself, it's for the community and if you can help, I see no reason why not to ask :D


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Fantastic video. A lot of work went into this.
Thank you on behalf of the steem community.

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