Does Google projecting correct information about Covid-19?

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Recently I was watching some local news channels where in I came through one of the News that Covid - 19 has been spread across 207 countries. I wondered a well as surprised to know the fact whether there are really 207 countries are there in the world or not. So I thought of searching this information in Google.

The Facts are as below.


<a href = ""> GOOGLE countries </a>

After Surfing this information I was under the impression that there are only 195 countries in the world. But out of curiosity I made another search in google to know how many countries that was really affected with Covid - 19 virus in the world.

Please watch below image

Source: <a href = ""> GOOGLE COVID-19 </a>

And again google is taking the reference of site and showing 205 countries were really got affected due to Covid - 19.

So I really didn't get the information even from Google.

Multiple questions raised in my mind after this search. Even in this information age we are not getting accurate information about some pandemic or epidemic situation. So I thought of depending on decentralized social network to find accurate information which encouraged me to blog this post.

Let me know if somebody has correct information about these queries.

Thank you.


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