One Day A Black Hole Can Swallow Our Earth.

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Researchers from Durham University and the University Of Illinois in Chicago confirmed that Plannet 9 which is situated near our solar system within a light years away is a ancient Black Hole as they finds gravitional anamolies on Plannet9.

Scientist warned that one day this Black Hole can swallow our Earth if its reaches closed to Earth with its intense gravitional pull.

Scientists also warned that the back hole can change the orbits of our neighbouring plannet with its gravitional power . Beacouse of that all plannets can crash with each others.

Scientists warned that when the black hole approaches towards the Earth it can change the orbit of some Astroids so that these astroid can crashed with the Earth and damaged the Earth.

If the black hole approached towards Earth then its swallow our atmoshphere first and then swallow our entire Earth .



What?! Please don't trust anything on the internet and have a look to the original article to get what the scientists from Durham exactly said...

Thanks @lemouth for sharing your knowledge.