Interviewing the SteemSTEM sub-community curators! - @LaMouthe

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The Curators of SteemSTEM

What do they do? Well, their tasks include searching for new STEM authors, evaluating and reviewing STEM articles, conducting thorough searches for plagiarism and they are the people who will suggest whether or not a STEM article has to be upvoted and supported by @steemstem.

A community gets bigger and stronger as its members work together, get to know each other, learn from each other. Evolve. Flourish.

Introducing .. @lamouthe!

In this post @lamouthe is interviewed by @katerinaramm!

With a passion about technology, nature, health, nature ... @Lamouthe is one of the very respected persons in the steem blockchain and especially among the French Community!

I am sure that many of you would like to know more about her so.. without any further due, let us get to know @Lamouthe a little bit better!

If you have any extra questions or thoughts, feel free to let someone from the PR team know!

Let's shed some light!

Q - Hi @LaMouthe, thank you for taking the time to reply to our questions! You are one of the very serious, pleasant and if I may say 'Calm' people of StemSTEM! Would you please let us know a few things about yourself: What is your real (first) name? What do you do, where are you from, how long have you been on Steem and what are your hobbies?

A - My name is Emmanuelle. I come from a little village in the north of Montreal, in Quebec, and I finished my nursing training in 1999. In 2003, I went to work in Switzerland. There, I traveled a lot and met extraordinary people. At work, I did a special training in emergency care and a research work. I discovered how passionate my field was, how much I enjoy doing researches and also, how much I needed to understand the "how" of things! In the same period, I met @lemouth, a researcher in particule physics.

Q - How long have you been a language curator for SteemSTEM?

A - I have been an official curator since this summer (2018), but I have been reading and looking for STEEM French articles for @lemouth for several months. He got tired of me spoiling his skype, so I became a curator.

Q - Do you curate only French Posts?

A - Actually, I do curation only for French-language articles.

Q - How and when did it all start?

A - As I said, by spoiling the skype of @lemouth!

Q - What do the French-speaking authors prefer to write about? Are there significant differences in the topics chosen, between other nationalities and articles in English?

A - There are actually very few French-speaking authors. One of our regular authors write about medical topics, a few others about technologies. We also have a few authors who are not "specialists" but very curious about almost everything and who write various kind of articles.

Q - What is the first thing that you take into consideration when curating?

A - If the text is easy to read and with a "correct" French. Sometimes, "google translate" is NOT the best friend of authors...

Q - Tell us something that really gives you a great first impression when you see a SteemSTEM post. (It could have to do with the chosen topic, images, structure etc)

A - The structure of the text is something I find very important. When there is no images, no paragraph splitting and just one big bloc of text, even if the topic is really interesting, I know it will be "hard" and painful to read...

Q - Do you have a favorite scientific topic that you have fun reading and reviewing over any others? Do you get a chance to read often about it?

A - Since I am a nurse, the majority of topics related to health, medicine, psychology and biology will be of particular interest to me. Sadly, I don't always have enought time to read as much as I would like about those topics in English...

Q - Tell us something that really makes you disappointed or angry when you see a SteemSTEM post. (It could have to do with the chosen topic, images, structure etc)

A - Plagiarism!!! At first, I did not find this type of articles very quickly. I used to spend a lot of time reading articles that were often very interesting, checking out sources and discovering that it was just a copy-paste of a site or very awkward Wikipedia rewriting... So in the end, I was losing a lot time on authors who did not produce articles on their own. That was very frustrating!

Q - What would be your advice to both the old and new authors who wish to join SteemSTEM but do not know where to start? Do you have a channel for French Speaking STEM authors?

A - I would have two advices. The first is to write about a subject that interests the author. It's always more funny to read an article from an author who enjoyed and was passionate about writing it!

The second advice concerns the length of the post: it has to be neither too long, nor too short. Usually between 1000 and 1500 words yields a post that reads well. Shorter posts are sometimes good enough, but often the subject has simply not been covered deeply enough. On the other hand, If it's too long, either there are too many details, or it would be better to write several articles on the subject ...

We also have a discord server "francostem" where people can ask their questions. Also, please do not hesitate to follow the (currently almost sleeping) @francostem blog.

Q - Do you curate the French articles posted by @lemouth?

A - In fact, it is rather him who does the double curation on French-speaking articles ... including mine! But of course, when he posts in French, his articles are also supported by SteemSTEM.

Q - Would you have any remarks to share regarding @lemouth's scientific posts? Would you like to see different topics, or any changes in the formating of his posts?

A - No, because his articles are very different from what is usually found in French. We understand that he is a true scientist who masters his subject. He also manages to popularize very complex subjects and it brings a real benefit to the French community. Many readers want more articles of this type, but there are few authors currently ...

Q - If you could interview anyone from SteemSTEM, who would it be and ask him/her one question now?

A - @lemouth: What do you want to eat next week ?

Q - If you had more time to spare, how would you spend it?

A - Write more frequently!!! And also, take time to read on topics I like... in English.

Q - What does Science and SteemSTEM is to you?

A - SteemSTEM consists in a way to discover science on the Internet with people capable of critical thinking. Today, we find plenty of informations and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the true from the false. With SteemSTEM, we have the opportunity to discover scientific articles of all levels and topics, but above all, to have the pros, cons and counter-opinions of other scientists ...

Q - Is there a great scientist that you really admire? And Why?

A - euh... @lemouth again ? Because he is travelling so much! ;)

Q - Do you do any cool scientific experiments with your children? Have you thought of ways to make them get interested in science?

A - I have already posted some articles about small experiences that I realized with our oldest son. He is a very curious child who likes to understand things in depth. We always try to help him satisfying his curiosity by searching with him the answers to his questions, no matter which topics he addresses. We also take every single opportunity to arouse his curiosity. There are also many museums for children, where they can touch everything and experiment the sciences with their senses and are great to awaken children to science ...

Q - If you could have any job in the world, what would you choose?

A - Writing my posts on an island with wifi and pina colada!!

Q - Besides SteemSTEM, do you have any other steem related activities you would like to share?

A - Actually, it is hard for me to find time to do anything else at the moment...

Q - What is your wish for SteemSTEM?

A - That the SteemSTEM platform becomes big enough to be known by scientists from all over the world...

Q - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A - About the same as now... but with more time for myself!

It was an honor to be able to interview @lamouthe and I sincerely would like to thank her from my heart for taking the time to answer my questions. Thank You!

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The nicest and the most brilliant couple on this blockchain, steem is lucky to have you both :)

That is a super nice comment! Thanks for the nie words!

Very nice comment from you, thanks! ;)

It's really nice getting to know the "Mouths" 😂 (the duo of @lemouth and @lamouthe are simply amazing).
Keep being awesome.

PS: Hope the kids are "Mouths" too? Let me guess; Maxmouth and Minmouth 😂😂😂😂

You are so close!!! In French we say "Maximouth" and "Minimouth" ;)

@lamouthe was faster than me on answering this one. You were rally close :D

Pina Colada? Oooh... that's new...=> noted ^^

T'as intérêt pour l'été prochain!!!

Seulement si la meteo est assez clemente :)

Sometimes I get confused between the the username as it is very much similar to @lemouth :D
It's awesome to see that plagiarism pisses you off just as it does a lot of other curators. Interesting interview.

You can check 'Le' and 'La' in French, as @lamouthe said it ;)

My French is limited :)

Don't worry, you have plenty of time to improve it :D

No, indeed, they are two completely different entities ... But like "Yin and Yang", we are the masculine ... and the feminine !!! The funniest thing is that when we created our accounts, we did not even know the nickname that the other had chosen! ;)

Coincidences can be pretty much amazing :)

So are these two accounts different?

They are two separate people. So yes.

Unless @lemouth is schizophrenic 😂

No I am not!

Yes, definitely. We are also not writing on the same topics at all and you can interact with the two of us on discord.

... and we don't exactly have the same humour ! ;)

As bad as the other ;)

Enchanté de faire votre connaissance. 😀

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Nice to get to know you. I was so confused with both of your names. I had to check it a few times to see if they are the same haha

Anyway. thanks for helping and curating. Curating is a great ''job'' and it takes a lot of time so I respect you for doing it! Keep it going and hopefully, you'll get that Pina Colada! :D


We are both there for some times, but for those not following closely, we are easily confused. Very easily, I (@lemouth) discuss (particle) physics and cosmology, while my wife (@lamouthe) is more on the health/medicine side. As you can see, the context is often enough for distinguishing both of us.

N'est-ce pas? :D

Merci! ;) J'ai eu de l'aide pour répondre aux questions... j'avais peur de d'avoir des fautes!!! lol

Mouthute, je crois que tu as une faute derriere l'oreille ;)

@lamouthe I have a question regarding French articles here. So you are originally from Quebec right? I have heard that Quebec French is different from the French in France. Do you have articles from both different french varieties?

The differences are not that large. It is more like US vs UK English: a few expressions here and there, a different accent, etc.

Oh okay 😃.

When the text is good, the French is the same since grammar is the same. It is only the way of speaking and usual expressions that changes...

It is like saying Australian, British and American english is not the same... ;)

Okay. Thanks. 😃

Excellent interview!
Beautiful way to better introduce us to a charming and passionate curator, guardian of quality publications in French on steemSTEM.
It also allows you to promote by giving information about steemSTEM, simply and efficiently!
Long live the duo of "lesmouths" :)

Excellente entrevue !
Belle façon de mieux nous faire connaître une charmante et passionnée curatrice, gardienne de la qualité des publications en français sur steemSTEM.
Cela permet également de faire la promotion en donnant de l'information sur steemSTEM, simplement et efficacement !
Longue vie au duo des "lesmouths" :)

Merci à toi! C'est super gentil ;)

Merci a toi pour ton commentaire super sympa! :)

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Great interview overall! I especially agree that a good article length is 1000-1500 words.

I fully agree with this statement. This in general gives enough space to introduce the topic, describe it generally and provide some little plus for those who want to go beyond the standards.

It's nice to meet the two of you, as individuals and as a couple!

The pleasure is for both of us, believe it or not :)

Thank you :)

Nice to meet you @lamouthe! I share your love for all posts related to medicine and psychology, you should check my blog when you have the time, I'm sure you'll find it interesting ;) and I also hope that one day SteemSTEM will be a haven for scientists to share their knowledge with the world, I'm sure that through hard work and dedication we'll be able to accomplish that.

I totally share your hopes! I am sure this will be realized at some point.

I thought you were Benjamin's sister :P

I would also like to work on an island with a piña colada ..... I think that would have time available for a daily post hehehe :)

Good try, but this is a fail. She is my wife. I have no sister but two brothers, and none of them is on Steem.

PS: we thus need to find an island with a good bar. I should in the meantime improve my cocktail skills ^^

Waooo was very far from guessing ... she is your great wife!

and the island would be a good vacation spot for all the steemstem team ... while we wait for the STEEM to reach $ 20 you should take a bartender course and so you can prepare drinks for everyone hahahaha :D